Fortnite went impressively mainstream this week, what with the mobile invite event launching on Thursday and taking the app to number one (Despite not everyone being able to play it), and then Drake playing the game with Twitch streamer Ninja and shattering Twitch records in the process. And yet, on Friday night, Fortnite somehow got more mainstream. One of the University of Maryland-Baltimore County men's basketball players, fresh off the biggest upset in men's college basketball history when they became the first 16 seed to beat a 1 seed (RIP Virginia), compared their historic win to getting your first win in Fortnite. Seriously.

The best part is that the bench players were doing Fortnite dances and moves all night long.

Seriously, Fortnite is such a massive phenomenon at this point, that you pretty much have to play it at some point just to understand the hype. Pretty much the only way the game can get more mainstream is if Trump tweets about it. Or maybe if Obama actually does decide to play the game.

It's 2018. Literally anything is possible through Fortnite, I suppose. If you're missing out, better sign up for that invite, or join in our invite request post.

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  • Montanx HS

    It’s really not that great. You get in, run around, someone kills you, maybe you kill someone then someone else kills you. No different than any call of duty or halo experience.

  • marksapolloa

    Played it a couple of times and I have to say these types of game don’t work in mobile, the controls I don’t think are good enough.