Are you not in the Fortnite Invite Event for iOS yet, and want in? Are you a player with invite codes left to share? This thread is where you can meet. Use the comment section below to post your requests for Fortnite invite codes, and link up with other players to get access to the game. Each invite code can be sent from the game itself, and will offer up the instructions on how to download and sign up for Fortnite on iOS. This invite code will also add the player you invite to your friends list on your Epic Games account.

If you're out here giving out invite codes, thank you. If you are requesting codes, please be polite, and if you get invite codes, please pass on the love. And be sure to play in some games together and let us know what you think. Invites are still going out while Epic Games adds more server capacity, so be sure you signed up and check your email to see if you got an invite already or not. Or hope some generous player drops an invite code here!

Have fun!

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  • Carter

    Could I please receive a invite code.

  • steve22691

    If someone has a spare I would love to use it please.

  • lezrock

    I like to pretty please play this lovely beauty of a beast. Thanks 🙏

  • Danny365

    I’d love one as well:

  • thejbe

    Great idea! I also would like to take advantage of the good will nature of this community. Peace & love, peace & love. X

  • GiHub

    I'd also appreciate an invite code. Thanks in advance!

  • AmReY

    I need an invite please ... and great idea TouchArcade ❤

  • Matthias Yström

    I would really appreciate an invite. I have some free time this weekend 🙂

  • Garrett Webster

    Would love a invite!

  • Eclipsealex

    I really appreciate it to get a code

  • John

    Please invite me

  • Michael Rabattino

    I would love a code!

  • cactusjack

    Would love an invite:)

  • o0oJAKEo0o

    I’d like an invite please.

  • Izaac Luiz

    Please invite me

  • Supaflyindie

    Me pretty preeeeez

  • Pj Hickey

    Could I get a code please.

  • tj2nis

    Hi, I’d love an invite. Pretty please?

    • Michiko Reyes

      Hi! If you do have spare codes and okay with you, please invite me:


  • Rip73

    Can you guys update your posts if you get a code please.
    It’s just so that when I (or others) send on one that it doesn’t get sent to someone who already got one off someone else or got one from Epic.
    Just don’t want anyone to miss out by someone else getting two.
    Please and thanks.

    • dev

      I’ll be sure to update my post afterwards! Thanks in advance and congrats to whoever receives a code!

    • Animenfo

      I’ll update my post after I receive an invite.

    • Firstcoastsnapbackkingz

      I will update also

    • Deluxe32, thanks in advance.

    • David Day

      Do you have another code, I’d love to play!

    • Dylan Posselt

      please can I get one my email is

    • Deadpool

      Please send a code to me❤️♥️ Thx

    • James Hawksworth

      Good shout. Please could you send a code to me on .

      Thanks in advance!


    • Mubashir Aziz

      Can you please please send me an invite? I would really appreciate it.

    • Laura Agnella

      I got one. I don’t have an invite codes button in my lobby though. Any idea why? I’d like to give out codes as well to help out.

    • Brendan Myone Shaw

      @rip73 please send me one

  • Dario

    Please, can anyone send me a code?

  • Bazoo

    Would love! An invite, tnx in advance !

  • dev

    Please send one, I’ll add you on Twitter and my friends list! Also will update post after receiving 🙂

    • Firstcoastsnapbackkingz


    • KFB

      Hi! Would you please send me an invite code now that you have yours? Thanks!

    • Michiko Reyes

      Hi! If you do have spare codes and okay with you, please invite me:

      Please please please!!! 😀

      • Ryan Stenzel

        If anyone could send me one it would be a blessing. 🙏🏽🙌🏽

    • Jacquelline

      Hello could I get an invite please? 🙂 thank you!

    • disqus_l4aCUQwchq

      pls do send me an invite thanku

  • Dusan Fair McCole

    Hey! I’d love to get an invite code too. I’ve signed up so I’ll pass the favour on when my codes come through!

  • Dylan Craycraft

    Your average fortnite player here looking for a mobile code lol, is my email if you’d like to send one that
    Snap: cray_79
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Stetch

    IF i get an invite I will not shoot you right away in the game :3

  • Finn

    Yo chuck us an invite:

  • Joseph Rubio Jr

    I would appreciate a key if anyone has an extra. Please send to Thanks!

  • Farhan Tahir

    Do send an invite code thanks!

  • James

    May I have an invite to Fortnite please? Thank you 🙂 my email is

  • GreAsyG

    Would really love an invite code!

  • Justin with a J

    I would love an invite if anyone could spare one. Words can’t express the amount of unrivaled joy it would bring me to rub it in my kids faces.

  • Leo Lopez

    Can I also get a code please and thank you. I will come here i receive a code and give mine away to someone who needs it

  • Neal Dlugokinski

    Hi! If anyone has a spare code I would be super appreciative if I could get my hands on one. If you do happen to have one you can send it to See you guys on the battlefield!

  • Shane Berzowski

    Plz can I get a code🙏🙏🙏

  • Jonathan Koziol

    Would really appreciate an invite code if someone has one available! Email-

  • Kamal

    I would love a code, and would also like to play duos with anyone if they are down!
    I will update this comment if I recieve a codethanks guys..

  • Alec Bings

    I’d love a spare invitation … and will happily pass on the favor when I can!

  • Jo Anne Lynn

    I’d really appreciate an invite code if anyone has one! Email

  • Bonnie Taylor

    My 12 yr old son is dying for one. PLEASE make me the best mom in the world!

  • Keith McLear Jr

    If someone has more I would like one please. It would be greatly appreciated

  • Michael Johnson

    I’d appreciate an invite code.

  • Shane Berzowski

    I’ve been dying to get this I can’t afford a ps4 or Xbox 1 and this will be my only way of playing fortnite plz plz plz can I have a code🙏 Email:

  • Nahid

    if anyone is friendly 🙂 feel free to drop an invite!

  • Julian Cohen

    i really would like to play it please send me invite

  • Mahir Ahmed

    Please could i get an invite code? My email is: and would really appreciate it.

  • Ron Hooker

    Invite code please. Would really appreciate it. 👍🏻

  • Brian Sanderson

    Would be grateful for a code if anyone has an extra one. Email is: Thanks in advance.

    • Andrew Gibson

      Sending invite brian

      • Shane Berzowski

        Hey Andrew if u have any more I would greatly appreciate it

      • Andrew Gibson

        I've used my three invites. I'd hand codes out all day if they'd give me Hopefully more people share invites. Best of luck Shane

      • Shane Berzowski

        That sucks... but thanks anyway man!!!

      • Tammy Dohring

        Hello kind sir,
        Would you please kindly send me an

        Thank you in advance.


  • Milotorou

    Id like to thank a certain Jared for sending me a code earlier, I promise that if I get another code later down the road I will pass it on here on TA 🙂

  • Dylan Craycraft

    Please a code thank you in advance

    • Andrew Gibson

      Sending invite

      • Dylan Craycraft


      • Andrew Gibson

        No problem.

      • David Day


  • Robert Florence

    Please give me an invite code thanks

  • robotkirby I’ll pay it forward if I get any invites!

    • Andrew Gibson

      Sending last invite

      • robotkirby


      • Andrew Gibson

        Most welcome. Enjoy

      • Shane Berzowski

        Hey robot! If u have any invites you’d be willing to spare I would GREATLY appreciate it!!

  • Adrian Malave

    Please invite me.

  • diego45

    I Would Like an Ivite code:

  • Flenser

    I would really love an invite as well. Thank you.
    I'll make sure to update if I receive a code.

  • Tommy Filliater

    I’d love one if anyone can spare 🙂

  • Bob

    PLEASEEE i beg for an invite code

  • KiranB

    Would be extremely grateful if anyone had a spare code to share! - much love in advance <3

  • David Zyno

    I would love a code. Have been waiting patiently since the game doesn't run on my laptop.

  • Ryan
  • Milton Ren

    Thanks in advance for the invite!!!


  • Mike R

    Oh fort yeah!! I would love one. 😄👊🏻👍🏽

  • Marcus Chin

    Hi, I would really appreciate it if someone had a spare code.

  • Parker Samuel Kendig

    I need one please!!

  • asuanda
  • Fenixal

    If someone could share one with me I would be very grateful.

    • Jeff Robinson

      I would appreciate an invite code as well. If I receive one I will definitely share the love to others on this post for sure! Thanks in advance

  • Francine San Mateo

    Please send an invite code to me at

  • Xarath

    Please send extra invite to
    Really appreciate the share
    Will share mine if I get extra

  • Hudson LaRoche

    Please, would appreciate daddys

  • Paul Nowak

    I'd like an invite, if someone has one available. My sons play on the PC often, but we just have the one machine that can handle it.
    Thanks in Advance!

  • Jeff

    Please send me an invite if you have one.

  • EmeraldNate

    Hey! I would really love an invite code as my computer cannot run fortnite. If you have a spare invite code, please send one to! Thanks in advance!

  • Animenfo

    If someone has an invite , could I have it? I’ve waited for so long.

  • Sandra Elvheim

    If someone has a spare invitation I’d be so happy 🙂!
    Thanks in advance

  • Cheylen

    I’d love an invite code please: 💖

  • jl802

    Please let me have a code.

  • Samycola

    Can ya boi get a code

  • Samycola
  • Thomas Zink

    I would appreciate a code as well.

  • Shane Berzowski

    If anyone is feeling generous I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance email:

  • Bryan Torres

    Can I get an invite code please @

  • Cooper Gilkey
    • Wolfhammerr

      sent you a code a few minutes ago

      • Cooper Gilkey

        Thanks man

      • Logan

        Any extra codes? If so can I have it.

  • Seph Santos

    Please send me an invite
    Thanks in advance! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    • Wolfhammerr

      sent you a code just now

  • Neb

    Share a code plz

    • Wolfhammerr

      sent you a code

      • Deluxe32

        Hey Wolf, do you happen to have more codes? if so, send it here. Thanks in advance. email:

  • Shane Berzowski

    Plz plz plz I’ve been trying for the past hour or so I would srsly love!!!! An invite code

  • Neb

    Invite code needed

  • Brad

    Not only would you make my year if you had an invite code you could send me, I would literally sing praises to you and for you and send you a video of it. I would use my invite codes to invite anyone else you want me to, or give them away to another person who does needs one like myself. I will update this post if I get an invite code with an ASCII graphic of your name.

    Thank you.

  • allana huntley

    could i please get a code tomorrow, around the morning time. i been waiting forever.

  • Lizzie

    I am a very pretty girl:) I need a fortnite code!!! Pretty Please?

  • Firstcoastsnapbackkingz

    Please send me a code, I will be very much appreciated guys., also I will update once I ever get lucky to receive one . =) again my email is yes two T’s

  • Kevin

    Can I get one too plz

  • Austin

    Would really appreciate an invite, please and thanks so much

  • Luke

    Please if anyone has one, I will come back and spread the love,

  • Ivan

    Someone hook me up pleaseee -

  • Billy West

    I’d love one too thanks in advance.😍😍

  • Susan Chohany

    My son would probably give me mother of the year award if I got a code😉

  • Adventure 2279

    I would appreciate if someone could spare me one Fortnite code. If not it’s ok.

  • Phil

    I would appreciate a code too!

  • Shannon Kamer

    Would love an invite if any available. Downloaded to PS4 but yet to be able to play. Maybe more chances on mobile? 😀

  • Adventure 2279

    No pressure but if someone has an invite code to spare I would appreciate if I could get one

  • Brian Botet

    Can someone please send me a code? Thanks😁

  • Alex Saveliev

    I’d love a code!

  • Mark would like an invite, I'll watch your back and slice the pie for you and everything!

  • ashan

    Someone send a code I'll follow you on ig Twitter and yt

  • Roddy T Knight II

    I’m down or am invite

  • Philap Nguyen

    I would love an invite please :3

  • nth77

    If you have an invite to spare I'd love to have one. My 8 year old daughter loves the game and she is quite good at it. She's eager to test the iOS version. 😁 -.

  • Byron Sieben
  • C. Blake Hurst

    Would love a code please

  • Gurney Halleck

    Hello TA! I am upgrading to iPhone X and would love to join in the fray playing Fortnite with the community! If anyone is feeling generous, send me an invite 🙏🤓

    • HouseofG

      Kept scanning this list for an active TA member I actually recognize! Did you get a code yet, Gurney?

      • Gurney Halleck

        Not yet House! Looking forward to giving this a go! 🤓

      • HouseofG

        Ok sending now. Enjoy!

  • Brad I'd like to get a code if possible, thanks if I do get one

  • Gurney Halleck

    Oops, my email

  • Vinicius

    Invite code please!

  • Michael Li

    If anyone has a code to share it would be much appreciated, thank you. Email

  • troyster12

    I'd love one too please!

    I promise to pass it on!

  • denny tawas

    Would like to havr a code:
    Thanks again!

  • Anthony Olds

    Would gladly appreciate it if anybody would be willing to share one of their invite codes!
    Email :

  • Gots

    If anyone have a spare code to share.
    My email

  • Alex

    please can someone give me a code it will be greatly appreciated I promise you

  • Matt Davis

    Would love one - da5is at live dot com

  • Jaeden Carlyon

    I would greatly appreciate an invite, my email is

  • PlatanoKING

    I’ll love you if I can get a code 🙂

  • Roman Puzyrev

    Hi! Would really appreciate an invite code if someone has one available!

  • jmhpdx

    If I could get an invite that would be amazing!!! Thanks so much in advance!!!

  • Luis Hernandez

    I would love a invite I play everyday !!!

  • Riverpig

    I accept nudes, in exchange for my invite codes. 😂😂😂(female only)


      Nudes r nice but how about a steam account?

  • Samantha Stevenson

    Would love an invite

  • Mohamed Nabil Mohamed Anwar

    Please add me

  • Mohammed alanni

    Can i please get an invite?

  • Simaan Akbar

    I would love if someone gives me a code...
    My email:

  • Jerry. Com

    Plz I’d like a code

  • McCREE

    I would very much appreciate a code and promise to pay it forward as soon as I’m able. Thanks!

  • Vitor Callis

    I usually play on Xbox!

  • Mantas Teresas you send me code il send you 5$

  • Layne Lavarra

    Hey. I know I’m one among many who’s waiting for an invite but it would be much appreciated.

  • Georgiadeexx

    Be nice if we could game 👌 add my xbox gamer tag georgiadeexx would be nice to play it on my phone too. Message me on xbox if you would like to send me an invite code 🙂

  • Brandon Collins

    I would love a code, please!

  • Ricardo

    Hello, can someone send to me a invitation code? Thanks in advance, I’ve already signed up for the invitational perhaps my code isn’t arrived yet. However when I have my code I wont doubt to return the favor. My E-mail:

  • Vincent Kienaldy

    i would love to receive an invite code !

  • Anand Pb

    If someone has a spare code plz do share it with me 😭

  • Divanshu

    Please send me an invite code.Please I want to play this game.

  • InvictusAPA

    I'd love to play this.

  • Bloodangel

    I may have a few to give out if anyone needs code still.
    I’m waiting on a couple of replies, if they done reply... then I will give out to others

  • Austin

    Please send a code to:

  • Cody McGee

    Send me a code to !!! Lol

  • Tyreke Chatmon

    Can someone send me a code

  • Marcin Krężelewski

    I would like to get one:

  • Doni L LeCrone

    Who wo
    uldn’t LOVE an invite code?!?!?! Maybe it’s my lucky day...

  • Steven

    I would love an invite code thanks in advance!!

  • Hery Ng

    Thumbs up for this post!

  • Deluxe32

    Send a code here, please and thank you.

  • ~.~

    Please invite me 🙁

  • CruKXzs

    Hey I would love to have an invite link because I never had a console in my life

  • dylan rosema

    If anyone would be so kind to make my day please send me a code. ❤️

    God Bless You All🙏❤️❤️❤️

  • Scott Mellett

    Hi can I get a invite please.

  • Dylan Craycraft

    Would love a code been trying and would greatly appreciate it thanks in advance

  • dylan rosema

    I would really appreciate an invite code and when I get my codes I’ll pay it forward and share mine as well. ❤️ If anyone can spare a code you guys will be rockstars 😎 please.

  • Tron

    Invite please

  • James Bowling
  • AderDarsh

    Please give me one! My email is Thanks in advance!

  • ItsPro Gamer

    Please send a code at

  • Dion , if someone is really nice enough to pass on a code you have no idea how much I’ll appreciate it!!

  • KaIN3erg

    Invite pls and ty!

  • pls send here im ready to trade it to my steam account

  • pls send here im ready to trade it to my steam account!

  • pls send here im ready to trade it to my steam account!!

  • pls send here im ready to trade it to my steam account!!!!

  • pls send here im ready to trade it to my steam account!!!

  • Elbert Or

    I would love if some generous soul would send an invite to so I can join in on the fun. Thank you! Let me know how I can express my thanks! 🙂

  • Omar Althani

    Would love a code, would be delighted if I get one.

    ~ will update post if I get one.

  • Jesse Watkins

    I've been saving up money to buy a PC so i could play Fortnite. I would love to play on my Ipad. send to

  • jtall

    I would like a code if anyone has an extra!

  • Omar Shoukry

    Please send me a code. I have been waiting on the list since Monday.send t

  • AntiSocialite

    I would really appreciate it if you gave me an invite code 🙂

  • Vicious

    If Someone can - please send a code to Thanks in advantage

  • matesola

    Please 🙏🏻 🎁

  • Pete

    Can i get a code?

    • Pete

      Please and thank you

  • Divanshu

    Please someone send me invite code.Email

  • JohnnyJ

    pls, would make my year if i got a code, my laptop can't support the game anymore to a playable degree but my ipad can, desperate to play again! Thanks to everyone.

  • Editin

    Need a invite

  • Meme Effect

    I’d like a code too please, if anyone has a spare and is willing to share. Send it to:

  • brock12345

    if anyone has a code and could send it my way that would’ve amazing <3

  • Tim payne

    **************I would love to get the code if someone has an extra.... thanks alot guys it would be grealy appreciated.

  • Shehan Malaviarachchi

    I would love an invite code if one is available!

  • Biffin

    I would love an invite if one is available 🙂

  • Callum fm intive me bitches or you to scared?

    • Tron

      Bite me

    • Deluxe32

      Threatening us isn’t gonna make us give you a code.

      • Callum fm

        Just abit of reverse psychology mate calm down😂 didn’t seem to work though lol 😂

  • CharlieMarlie

    If someone could please provide me with one in , I’d regard you as a god, since I so much wanna play Fortnite, but since ain’t got a PC wasn’t able to, and now it seems like I would be able to on my iPhone. Thank you in advance!

  • shadow

    Would really appreciate an invite.

  • PittPVP

    Could I please get a code as I just LOVE playing Fortnite and it’s the best game ever. Much appreciated.

  • Kaz Lee

    Hmu thanks!

  • Harald Madsen

    please send a code to

  • Dave Mann

    Hi I’d like one please

  • Coolteen1991

    I would very much appreciate a code! Thank you in advance!

  • jose cruz

    I would like an invite code to play that beast of a game.

  • Adam

    Please send an invite to

    I would absolutely love to experience this game as I don't have a console or good enough computer to play it, but do have an iPad pro.

  • Luis

    Hey I know it isn’t right for me to just ask for something and like expect for u to send it to me but like ummmm I would like an invite code I really wanna play this game would u guys be whilling to give me a code if u guys would send email to
    I would honestly be very very grateful for You guys thank you

  • Nathan Fredricks

    Hey I’m just another guy away from his xbox needing a mobile code so if you have another and you HMU it would be GREATLY appreciated and if mine ever come I’ll be sure to come on back and find some other poor souls on the waitlist 🙂

  • Brielle Collins

    If anyone has another invite code I’d love to play!

  • Justin

    I’d really appreciate an invite code so I can get on and play ASAP, thanks!

  • Jeff Jones
  • NuRoach

    If anyone still has an invite, I'd appreciate one.

  • Skylor Lord

    Anyone got a spare? Help a dude play some fortnite please.

  • Explore&Live

    Please send a code🙏🏼 I would love to play

  • Explore&Live
  • Explore&Live

    I would love to help all the poor souls on the waiting list, but I need an invite to do so

  • Jimmy

    I need an invite code please!!! If you have one send me on

  • Steven

    Need invite pleez stevedodd@gmail dotcom

  • Billybob

    If there is anyone one with an extra please send it to

  • Huzie Buzie

    Would love to get an invite!!! Thank youuuu

  • Kienan Amos1

    Plz send invite to kienanamos1@gmail.come

  • Amithabdinesh

    Can I also please receive an invite code? I'll add you on twitter.
    Thanks in advance.
    Pls send it to :

    • Kienan Amos1

      Plz send me one yours senderly kienan

  • Bryan

    Here you go people: ?BDH5Z4WUHW3QNAF7EA? The question marks are “P”

    • Kienan Amos1

      What’s that

      • Bryan

        A code. For Fortnite.

      • Kienan Amos1

        It won’t work

      • Bryan

        Someone must have claimed it already.

      • Kienan Amos1

        Can u email me a new one plz

      • Kienan Amos1

        Can u email me a new one

      • Kienan Amos1

        Send me a new one on email

      • Kienan Amos1

        Send and invite to my email

  • Krish Narayanan

    I would really love to get a invite code if anyone has a spare... pls email if you can :

  • Noah

    Send invite to pls

  • AppBatz

    Invite request for: please.

    Will edit/delete post after receipt so I don’t take up duplicates! Thanks in advance!

  • Epicgamingvictor

    Hey Can get one please:

  • Jared Foley

    can someone please add me?! thanks!!! - email:

  • Faulpaul

    Pls would also enjoy one

  • AppBatz

    Invite request for please.

    Thanks in advance! Will delete comment after receiving so I don’t soak up invites.

  • Bjarki Már

    Anyone got a spare code? 😀

  • Nee Nunoo
  • Devon Salyards

    Please some send me an code to

  • Devon Salyards

    If someone gives me a code I’ll share all three of mine with random people

  • Phil Scott

    Invite code please! .. and THANK YOU!! 😀

  • Nothing Intresting Here

    if somebody has a spare code please email me at (i know its a stupid email)

  • Bhavya Bhatia

    Please please please send a code to

  • santi

    Please if someone has a spare code share it with me at
    Your generosity will be appreaciated so much, thank you in advance.

    • santi

      got my code thanksss

      • Krish Narayanan

        Could you please send me one if you can ? I would really appreciate it.
        Send at :
        THANK YOU.

      • Michiko Reyes

        Hi! Can I have one too? Kindly send it to:


      • santi

        hey just saw this, i'ver heard it's open now. Anyway i never got invite codes to share, don't know why.

  • L.j. Brown

    Can I please get a code my email is

  • Evan Wofford

    I’ll take a code too if anyone has any left?

  • William Ravn

    Email me a code pleease:

  • Rabid Puffin

    Will definitely share invites with others if I can get invited. If I get an invite I’ll create a thread for others to reply to for invites! is my Xbox email it’d be hooked to. Thanks in advanced for an invite! 🤞😅

  • Safwan babar

    Please send a invite to

  • Luke Erikson

    I would really really like to play this game, so please send me an invite to

    I will instantly share mine here too afterwards.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Matey

    Hey if I can get a code that would be greatly greatly appreciated my email is if I get a code I have over 150 wins and I would be glad to play with you

  • Matthew Nielsen

    i would love to get a code please

  • Henry

    Can someone send me their spear code?

  • Luke Hatfield

    I would love a code for my son, thanks 🙂 will update

  • dave

    If someone can send me a code I'd be gratefull ,

  • Eli Hodapp

    Sent all 9 of my codes out to people here!

  • a b

    Would really appreciate if somebody would send me one 😄

  • madgin

    If someone can send me a code I'd be gratefull ,

  • Michiko Reyes

    I would love to get an invite as well. Please send me one and I'll pay it forward as well. to:

    Pretty please!

    • Michiko Reyes

      I would update my comment once I received one. Pretty please. Thanks!

      • Wavydoesit

        I sent you one

      • Michiko Reyes

        I received it thanks! Did you receive my next email though? 😄

    • Michiko Reyes

      I received a code. HUHUHU thank you so much though I cannot send invites. 🙁 Why huhu.

    • Michiko Reyes

      I already have a code!!! 🙈

  • Chadyos

    Please, I would really appreciate to be invited to test this new feature ^^
    if you're doing so, you will have my eternal recognition XD :

  • Prit Attal

    Need a code

  • Pete
    • Pete

      Will be giving high five to person who gives code

  • Tristan Plamondon
  • Thomas

    Can i pls Get a code? Thx in advance

  • Pauldorfman

    Would love to get a code
    Happy to pay it forward.

  • Vladswe

    Would love an invite if someone can help me!

  • Syniah Grace

    Can you send me a code pleaseeeeeeee my email is

  • Katiekat

    Can I get invite please 🙂 thank you so much

  • Enerel Bayarmaa Leroux

    I’d really appreciate it

  • Matey

    If some cane can give me a code that would be greatly appreciated my email is

  • Laura Agnella

    I would love a code and I am happy to pay it forward. Thanks in advance!
    Laura 🙂

  • Alva Vng

    I Really love to try Fortnite, if anyone has a spare code please send to my email
    Thanks and have a nice day 🙏🏻

  • Саша Беглова

    Hey can I get an invite please?? Will 100% send like a bazillion of virtual hugs your way if you send me one!! My email is


    I'm feelin lucky today! Would anyone be so kind as to give me a Fortnite mobile code!? I'd appreciate it greatly and mention you in a YouTube vid if you'd like along with some gameplay. Private message me if you're my hero hahaha

  • Ben Kaluzny

    Send to: please🙃

  • Barrett Bear Baker

    Hey guys an gals of this awesome community, if you do have a code, i would love it if you DMed me and let me know. Ill see if i can scrounge up some funds for you too

  • Trey

    Please send a code to

  • Nugzy4

    Anyone need a teammate? Send me a code.

  • Po

    Any Invites? Would be much appreciated

  • Ezra Squire

    Hello, I am looking for a code. If you happen to have an extra code please send it to

    Thank you in advance.

  • AderDarsh

    I would LOVE and appreciate an invite! Please, if you want to give one to me, email it to me at Please email me there, but if you for some reason cannot get there, email me at

  • ItzYaBoy

    Hi, my name kaden, I play Fortnite like everyday I’ve wanted fortnite mobile ever since it came out, if someone wouldn’t mind lending me a code that would be amazing! 😀 thanks, my number is 443-532-2942

  • iFuckingHateUbiServers

    if anyone has a spare code i would be more than happy to accept it 😁 whoever this kind soul is, please send the code to: Thanks in advance!

  • L.j. Brown

    Can I please get a code my email is thanks you in advanced

  • L.j. Brown

    Can I get a code please my email is tuffboy807@gmail.con
    Thanks in advance

    • Lance

      Just emailed you an invite code

      • L.j. Brown

        Thanks man I really appreciate it

  • kylan Gaming

    Please send a code to

    • Lance

      Just sent it to you

  • Hugog

    Hello,could I get an invite code please my email is

    • Lance


      • Hugog

        Did u send it to

      • Lance

        I did. Did it work?

      • Hugog

        Yeh it did work it works so well thanks 🙏

      • Michiko Reyes

        Do you happen to have some more? Can you send me an invite as well? Please. 😀


      • Lance

        Sorry, I don’t have anymore. If I get another invite, I’ll send it to you.

  • Richard Dlek

    If anybody has a extra friend code, I would love to have it. EMAIL :

  • Donato T.

    Wanna invite me please HMU at

  • Hugog

    Thank you so frickin much bro

  • Erin

    Can you send a code to please

  • Zachary Williams

    I’ll follow anyone who could spare a code.
    Please and thank you

  • SavageBoys 101LIT

    Please send a code to

  • dylan rosema

    If anyone has one more spare code I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you in advance, when I get my codes I’ll pay it forward!

  • Erin

    Please send a code to

  • Hugog

    Could i have a code its for my friend so we can play my emial is

  • Ryan Campuspos

    Appreciate a code please:

  • daniel

    if anyone has a code to spare please send please and thank you

    • Hanjo van Sliedregt

      I have one, will send it to you now

      • Austin

        Do you have a spare one Hanjo?

      • Hanjo van Sliedregt

        Yes I have, what’s your e-mail?

      • Austin
      • Hanjo van Sliedregt

        I’ll send the link now, enjoy the game, it’s awesome to be able to play it on your iPhone 😉

      • Austin

        Thank you so much ❤️❤️

      • Meme Effect

        Do you happen to have any more? 🙂

      • Hanjo van Sliedregt

        I have one invite left, if you give me your email i’ll send it straightaway

      • Meme Effect
      • Meme Effect

        I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance! 🙂

      • Meme Effect

        I got it! Thank you so much, you just made me day! 🙂

      • Hanjo van Sliedregt

        Enjoy! I have played it for 2 days now and it’s awesome!

  • Huzie Buzie

    Does anyone have a spare code to share w this soul? Hahaha will update post if given a code and if i got extra will share it w yall!!
    Thank yoouuu soo much

  • Luciano Truite

    Please I would love to receive an invite, and share more codes

  • Cody Watson

    I’d love to have a code to play with my friends, if you have an extra please send it to , thanks! 😀

  • Albee Dela Cruz

    I'd love an invite please.

  • Pale Ale

    Please send me an invite code:
    Thank You!

  • Nick

    I would like one as well please
    I appreciate your kindness

  • Daniel Alvarez

    Hook me up it's your boy the gingermexican see I have a unique email lol it works

  • Bradley Hoffmann

    Hey if someone could send me a code that would be amazing

    Email at


  • Paul Feinauer

    If for some miraculous reason somebody actually sees this comment, I would love to get in on the iOS invite.

  • Anthony Ortega

    i really need an invite i don't have xbox or pc 🙁 can someone please make my day and send an invite to i would really appreciate it 🙁

  • Nick

    Please if anyone has a code invite me at

  • Austin Foland

    If some one didn’t mind sending an invite to me it would be much appreciated thanks so much

  • Jonathan

    I would be very grateful for an invite!


  • Mike

    A code would be Awesome! I will be the happiest person in the world

  • nadav sundy

    Hi can I please jave an invite code my email is thank you

  • VintageVin

    If someone has a spare I would really appreciate an invite please😊 please e mail to b272829 at gmail dot com

  • Will
  • Reign

    Could do with a code as well pls

  • Ghiffar A

    Can anyone spare me a code? I would really appreciate it. Send it to Thankyou 😇😀

  • Javier

    i need a code, please . Thanks

  • Fahim shahriar turza

    I would love to get a an invite .. can anyone send a code, plz??

  • Trent Farrell

    I would appreciate an invite if anyone still has a spare.

  • ~.~

    I’ve got 3 invite who want an invite?

    • Zachary Williams


    • Jason Bray

      Pick me!

    • Zachary Williams

    • ~.~

      Well now i have 5 send ur email and i’ll send u the invite when i can

      I’ll send 3 include zach

    • Jesse Markley
  • ~.~

    But it need times if i want to invite my friend

  • Erin Lamont

    Realllly need an invite! Please send to

  • Austin Furlong

    send a code in please to

  • alban988

    I would love a code to

  • Tony

    This game is super awesome and would love an invite pleeeeeeeeease. Send to Ps you are the coolest

  • Wyllie Blair

    Please send me an invite I will give out heaps of them thanks send it here

  • Saad Chinan
  • Natali

    Hey can I get one please?
    It’s for my boyfriend our one year anniversary is tomorrow!!
    My email is

  • Huzie Buzie

    Could anyone spare one?? Would definitely pay it forward if i have the chance!! Would appreciate it soooo much <3

  • Olivia Roark

    if anyone still has a spare invite, id highly appreciate it!!! my email is

  • Thomas DeRosa

    If anyone has a spare code i would realy apreciate a hookup my email is

  • Andrei Vierasu

    Hi Guys .... i'm a huge Fortnite fan ... if u have an extra iOS invite code ... please send me one at
    Thanks !

  • Jack Benedict

    If anyone has an invite that they r willing to send me i would very much apreciate it i have been at this for a while and it isnt funny how many fake invite codes ive been given i realy hope the people on this page are different my email is


  • Michael Barnes

    Can someone please send me one @ lilmeezy1200/

  • Jellyfish11

    I would be really thankful for an invitation guys, Thank You!

  • Paul Houston Stratton

    I would love one. Please send to

  • Carlos Quirós

    Please someone invite me:

  • Fabian Hernandez

    Would love a code

  • JakeTheSnake

    Anyone have a code send it to me

    willing to squad up with me?... I’m on Xbox as well gamer tag - Meiplae

    Let’s prowl on some post Drake noobs 😂

  • Jimbo

    I’d appreciate an invite. Can you send one to

  • Laura Agnella

    I got a code and had no trouble getting in. However, I do not have an invite codes button in the lobby to pass on the love... anyone know why?

  • Jason Bray

    Hey! Would love to have an invite code from someone! If not, no worries! I’ll get there! Thanks! 🙂

  • Duncfish

    I'd appreciate an invite please! email:

  • Danielle T

    Pretty pretty please may I have a code???

  • Bruno Clark

    Invite ?

  • Bruno Clark
  • Bruno Clark

    Plzzz invite me 😬

  • Bruno Clark

    Invite plzzz

  • FeverKid

    Please send a code to

  • JakeTheSnake

    Someone send me a code with intentions of squading up please

  • Regina Smith ~ Looking for an invite for my son to start playing for his birthday. If anyone has a code I’d be so grateful! Thanks everyone!

  • Robbert

    Would like to have an invite if anyone has any to spare

  • clayton

    i would love to play fortnite on mobile, If you could give me a friend code i would be very thankful my email is and i would love to play with you if you wanted or if anyone wants to play with me on xbox at ClaytonG23

  • Rich

    Bought into Fortnite with the highest pack way before “release” definitely sad I didn’t get a mobile invite to mess around between work clients. If anyone has a spare I’d highly appreciate it! and I’d be down to play also 😛

  • itsjayzilla

    Greetings from Amsterdam!


  • Shakur Regan

    Please send me one my email is I signed up the second it came out and it’s still not sending

  • Zachary Merse

    Hey Guys,
    Would love a code as I am a big fortnite fan -
    Thanks ❤️

  • Huzie Buzie

    Would appreciate if someone could send me a spare invite!! Got an invite b4 but it was already redeemed 🙁 so help this poor soul out <3

  • mdfjjdhdbs

    plz send a code to

  • JakeTheSnake

    Someone was nice enough to send me a link although it was already redeemed. Anyone else have a working one ?

    Please let me know if you want to squad up i want a good team!!!

  • Aidan

    PLEASE send a code to:

  • J. S.

    Hi! I'd love a code, please send to


  • Remy

    wouldn’t mind an invite. send to


    Please give me one,

  • Chelsea Gates

    I would love a code if someone can spare one! I’ll share the love when I get them myself! Much love ❤️

  • Aaaa Bbbb
  • Shane Huq

    Someone please send a code to this would be greatly appreciated thank you so much!

  • Edward

    Hey guys, it’s a awesome game, great job epic.

    Would love to get my hands on a code, in return when I receive mine I will repay the favour and give out on here.

    Thanks guys and gals

  • Axel Hansson

    Can someone please give me a code? Send to

  • Axel Hansson

    Does someone have a extra invite code? Pls send to

  • Alex

    It would be amazing if someone could give me their spare codes at I promise it will be much appreciated

  • Gigoran Games

    Please I would really like an invite mainly for a youtube livestream, i would be ever so grateful.
    Email me at

  • Alan Lau

    i need an invite please.

  • Jesse Markley

    Hey I’d like an invite! thanks!! 😊😊

  • Jesse Markley

    Hey id like an invite!! thanks a lot!! 😊😊

  • Ben Wright

    I'd absolutely love a code!!

  • itsjayzilla

    Greetings from Amsterdam!


    pm me a code if u want

  • Carl Petter Mørch-Reiersen

    Does someone have an ekstra code for fortnite iOS. If you do please send the code to it would make me happy

  • Nathan Symes

    If you have a iOS code would love a invite. Thanks 🙏

  • Pj Hickey

    I’m in the beta so I should have codes. If anyone knows how I can get them. Then I’ll post first come first serve

    • BananaMan4000

      Main screen of your character > right hand side should say “3 invite codes” just below the settings button (but above the game mode and ready to play button) 👌🍌 😍

      • itsjayzilla

        If you could Pm me a code as well you have a loyal player for ur squad 🙂

        Greetings from Amsterdam

      • Pj Hickey

        Checked my game. I don’t see anything between the buttons.

      • BananaMan4000

        So I read elsewhere that only the original person who was invited by Fortnite gets codes, not those they give codes to ;(

      • Pj Hickey

        So it wasn’t epic who invited me ? I guess someone was kind enough to invite me

      • BananaMan4000

        Haha, I have no clue then! 😂🤷‍♂️

        If the codes button shows up, please remember how fun this conversation was! 😀

      • Pj Hickey

        You want to add me as a friend on epic game installed ? In case you do get the beta we can party up.

        Username btwo5

      • Pj Hickey

        Got a email for the invite codes so I just sent you One

      • BananaMan4000


        Eagerly awaiting and refreshing my gmail, haha! Thanks heaps man!!! <3

      • Pj Hickey

        Did you get the email ? I sent it to bananaman4001@gmail

    • itsjayzilla

      You would be a Hero dude, sending you virtual praise 4 life in afvance now 🤲🙏😂

  • Sander Stoltenberg

    Can i please have a fortnite Invite code to: and

  • Valdas Martinkus

    Lookign for code thanks 🙂

  • Mike Eirih

    This will be a godsend for spammers 🙂

  • BananaMan4000

    Would LOVE a code if anybody has a spare invite for ol’ BananaMan4000?! 🍌

    • itsjayzilla

      If you could Pm me a code as well you have a loyal player for ur squad 🙂

      Greetings from Amsterdam

  • Sam Guzman

    Could I please get one code. My friends all got codes and have friend codes but none of them feel like giving me a code until I pay them real money.

  • Sam Guzman

    Can I have a code please. My email is

  • Travis

    Invite please

  • TheMightyWyatt

    Alright, I've made a circle of salt and performed the blood sacrifice by the light of the full moon. Surely this will be sufficient to please the code-bearers. I ask that the light of Fortnite be allowed to shine through the sacred screen of my iPad Pro.

    • grolapin

      Hahahaha. Funny wins.
      Give me an email address.

      • TheMightyWyatt

        Thank you Nitebringer! Praise be!
        My username

      • grolapin


      • Patrick Beedle

        Hey TheMightyWyatt, I have not done the circle of salt yet, but my kids started chanting your username when I read that this group worked to get codes for the fortnite invite.

      • TheMightyWyatt

        Without the salt and sacrifice, I cannot assure that the code will work for you, but I have spoken your email address aloud to the ancient ones and an invitation should be traveling your way by falcon.

  • Bauer Norbi

    Please give me one:

  • Grumm the mighty

    Could I get a code? thanks in advance

  • Morgan

    code please..
    >> <<

  • Bilal Faisal

    I need fortnite codes plzz

  • Bilal Faisal

    I need fortnite codes

  • Jeane Jasper

    If someone would send me a code , I’d greatly appreciate it :3 thank you

  • Tyler Price

    Pls send invite code to

  • Jeremi Lisella

    Send a code my way plz much appreciated

  • Patrick Beedle

    If anyone has a spare code to share, I would much appreciate it. (

  • CaptainRoyaltyy

    Hey how’s it going? If anyone has an extra code I would love to have it please! Email me

  • AndieCon - KinGamer

    pls guy ive been waitig for so long for a code can you give me one

    my email is :

  • Jesse Markley

    If anyone has a spare code I’d appreciate it! Thanks 😊😋

  • Cody Murphy

    I would love an invite

  • Jacquelline

    I would like a code please! I will update if I get
    one 🙂

  • Ramón Carafi

    I’d really appreciate an invite code please! Thanks in advance.

    My e-mail is

  • Jan

    Pls send me that code too Ive played it on ps4 and pc and i wouldlike to try it on ios. My mail is

  • Ezell Roberson

    Can I please get a code my email is thank yo

  • Kacper Szafranski

    Can anyone send me a code? Thanks

  • Jason Kline

    I would really appreciate an invite. Thanks in advance!

    montego200x at gmail

  • boblablaw

    Somebody help me plzzzz!!! 🙂

    boblablaw at

  • Bilal Faisal
  • Bailey

    Can someone please send me an invite code to

  • Henry B.

    If any spares hit me up at hankumpankum (at) hotmail.

  • Benjamin

    plis send an invitation code to

  • RDZ

    Would love a code if anyone has a spare thx in advance..will update post

  • David Wood

    Hi guys, I’m hanging to to give this a go... if anyone has a spare key I would give it a very good home. Email is

  • David Wood

    Hi guys, I would love an invite code... David (at) vark (dot) com (dot) au

  • JakeTheSnake

    If anyone wants to squad up and has a code let me know
    Gamer tag - Meiplae

    Also if anyone has Xbox and just wants to play let me know. Looking for good players to team up with that know what they’re doing.

  • Daniel

    Would appreciate it if you spare me a code 🙂

  • Henry Holguin

    Can I please get a code

  • Daniel

    I wouldn't mind one either if anyone has any left to share Wyckedjunkie(at)comcast(dot)net


    Please, Can you send me a code to Please!

  • Kontyi Krisztián

    Please invitate me! my email: Thanks!

  • davesandell

    Would love an invite —

  • Paul

    If any spare would appreciate it.

    Thanks 🙏

  • Christian Michel

    Let me in! (please)

  • Warren Johnston
  • Samantha

    I would love an invite code. THANKS!!! 😀 My email is

  • Logan Frayser

    NEED AN INVITE PLEASEEEEEEE send code to much thanks

  • Flo Curtet

    Hello 🙂
    If anyone is willing to invite me :

    Thank you !

  • Ryan

    i would greatly appreciate a code. My email is

  • Kay Wai

    hi, can anyone with a spare code send it to me?
    My 6 years old son cant wait to play this game on his ipad!!
    thank you in advance!

  • Stephany Sobarzo

    I have Fortnite invites let me know if y’all want any

  • Jeff Robinson

    Been a avid touch arcade reader for years now and want to share the love with this community. I have three invite codes, will send them to the first three replies. Good luck and post your emails to my comment. First three gets the code!

  • ~.~

    I’ve send the invite to zach and jesse check ur email!

  • m@lek

    Hi, an invite code woule bebmuch appreciated.

  • Thomas Barton

    If anyone has a extra code please send me one at

  • isaiah adams

    hey Guys I would really love to have an invite plz my gold ran out on my Xbox and now I can’t play my favourite game I would really like an invite code so I can play it on my iPad thnx plz send a code / invite to

  • Ryan

    Please invite!

  • Michael Kappler

    Please Invite me

  • Watcharaphon Tangsawad

    looking for a code if you have some left

    pls email me or sent me a msg

  • Matt L

    I'm looking for two extra codes if anyone has some, please and thank you! Message me or e-mail at

  • Jessica Whitney

    I would love one my email is 💖💖

  • Sutton Brady

    I need a code fam

  • Morgan

    Please give me a code..

  • Leejordan95

    Can i have a code please been waiting for a week already :/

  • Lior Shahar

    Please send me an invite code i am obsessed with this game and i am in the military so i dont have time to play at home thanks for the help 🙂 is my email

  • Erlis

    Looking for a invite code please 🙂

  • Carl Petter Mørch-Reiersen

    I Wonder if someone have an exstra invite code for iOS. I woud be gratefull

  • klarty

    If someone have a code 🙂

  • Robert Andrei

    I really need an invite code guys ❤️ It s my favorite game

  • Visca BARCA

    Would love a invite code, please send to abdijalilelmi10@outlook.vom

  • dakota

    can someone invite me pls: tysm

  • Mohammed.A.Zughayer

    i will be very thankful if you could send me invite code to this email: