After the reveal of Fortnite: Battle Royale for mobile, the questions started coming in. And we have answers to two of the big ones: just how robust will the cross-platform play be, and will there be controller support? While there's a ton of questions still to be answered, Epic Games provided answers to these two burning questions.

For cross-platform play and progress, it is absolutely 100% possible for someone playing the desktop or PS4 version of the game to play with a mobile player. But that is only if a person from a squad invites a friend from another platform. So a PC player with their keyboard and mouse will never play in the mobile queue. But, if a PC player invites a mobile player, then they'll play in the PC queue. It's actually the exact same way that the system functions between desktop and PS4 console players right now.

This means that mobile players don't have to worry about having to face down some keyboard and mouse champs unless they specifically join up with PC players. But what about controllers on mobile? Epic Games said to us about controller support: "Not initially. Bluetooth controller support is coming later." This means that yes, you'll be able to use your MFi controllers to play Fortnite on your phone or tablet, you'll just have to wait a bit. It's an obvious addition, and while I'll probably be mostly playing on the touchscreen just out of laziness, this is a great addition.

While we'll have to wait to see when Fortnite: Battle Royale on mobile gets the exact same content as the other versions, mobile players will want to start keeping up with the updates the game gets. Epic tends to update Fortnite on a weekly basis, and there's alsways something getting changes, some newly-introduced items, and limited-time game modes. A 20-player team event is rolling out to the game now, and they're still working on the jetpack, which could bring massive changes to the Fortnite: Battle Royale experience.

If you're looking to give Fortnite: Battle Royale for iOS a shot before its public release, you'll need to sign up on the Fortnite site starting on Monday, March 12th, when invites will start rolling out. Hopefully this one doesn't take too long to go worldwide and onto Android!

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  • murph

    First Disc Drivin' 2 and now Fortnite. Android users getting the short end of the stick 🙁

    • Carter Dotson

      Fortnite's coming to Android, it's just gonna take a bit longer. Android requires a lot more testing because there's like...a bajillion devices.