Localizing visual novels and visual novel like adventure games is always a huge ask for localization studios because of the volume of text that needs to be translated and edited. It took too long for Steins;Gate to be released in English just on PC before it eventually made its way to PlayStation platforms in English and finally iOS. There are some situations where a visual novel gets released in Japan on a console and it only releases outside on PC platforms in English despite having mobile and console versions in Japan already. Today, i-PLAY announced not just a localization of Shin Hayarigami but one that is iOS and Android only for now. Shin Hayarigami is a Japanese horror adventure visual novel developed by NIS game that is one of the rare games in Japan to have a CERO Z (18+) rating for violence and horror. Watch the announcement trailer for the PlayStation version below:

Shin Hayarigami is making its way to iOS and Android devices in English as Urban Legend : Shin Hayarigami – Blind Man. There are multiple endings and the developer promises a horror experience with stunning graphics that hasn’t been done on mobile before. I’ve always been curious about this game but the problem with visual novels is without understanding the language for the text, there isn’t much point in experiencing them. There will also be a high score system that will reward you with more story content if you cross a certain threshold it seems.

I’ve imported a ton of games on PS4 and Vita that can be played with no Japanese knowledge since they are mostly action or gameplay focussed. It is good to see a title that has been unlocalized for a long time not just get localized but get localized on the best platform for visual novels. As of now, there are no details on pricing but Urban Legend : Shin Hayarigami – Blind Man will release on March 15th for both iOS and Android. The developer will be posting updates on this Twitter account. Check out the forum thread for it here.

  • http://backloggery.com/TJF588 TJF588

    While I'm intrigued, I do hope this script is more polished than the tweets are, or else we'd need to shift to "bootleg charm" mindsets.

    • BTA

      The thread they made (linked in this post) is actually written worse than the tweets/screenshots, which isn’t reassuring.

      I’m just incredibly disappointed to see this. It seemed really neat and I’ve been hoping for a Vita localization for a while. I didn’t expect things to end up like this...

  • BTA

    Small point of correction- it looks like the iOS versions actually came out for Japan and Korea in January. It’s not totally clear if this is the case, but this version might actually have been translated from the Korean version rather than the original Japanese.

    • urbanlegend

      We first launched this app in Korea and Japan.
      However, when preparing the English version, the original version is Japanese version.
      For the most natural translations, we are working on making corrections to the last minute.

      • BTA

        Thank you for the information! People have been worried because the Twitter account had an image of the Korean logo and a Korean location set, which was confusing. It’s very good to know that the translation is directly from Japanese and not from a second language.

        It is good to hear that the team is working hard on improving the translation; I’ll be looking forward to buying it ASAP if things turn out well!

  • boydstr

    I can’t imagine that this will be picked up big time in the West I think its a culture thing.

    • urbanlegend

      I think the cultural difference between East and West is big.

      So I am very curious. How can our games get results?

      Personally I think the story of Shin Hayarigami is pretty good.

      (From the viewpoint of the user, not the position of the producer)

      My English skills are poor, but I think our team (translation team) is excellent.

      We are still trying to show better TEXT.

      next week! We will have various evaluations.

      I hope that the story we have prepared will make you happy.

      • boydstr

        Thanks that you take the time to respond it is not that I don’t like these type of games but it seems that the culture in the East is so different from the West I started with gaming in a time that a lot of games were made in the East i never understood that they made the move to let a Western developer made the latest DMC I didn’t liked the game the things that I liked in the earlier versions the great levels in old castles that fitted great with the storyline I hope that when they release a new game they return too there old roots and that we see again fantastic games from the East

  • Mahou86

    I really hope this is the first of many to come.