Heads up for anyone looking to pick up Civilization VI [Free (HD)] on the iPad. The game's IAP is currently $29.99, and the sale ends tonight at midnight Pacific time (March 2nd at 3:00 AM EST), when the game will go back to its regular $59.99 price. Which is what the game normally costs on Steam, and this is practically the samae game, just fit onto iPad devices. The onyl feature you're missing right now is online multiplayer. Aspyr has put in a ton of work for this port, and you can even pick up the Poland and Vikings DLC packs for the iPad version as well.

While there's definitely a chance that the game will go on sale again, since it launched as a $29.99 IAP before going up to $59.99, you don't know when that's going to happen. So you're possibly taking a risk by waiting. Thankfully, if you're unsure if you want the game, the app is a free download where you can play 60 turns before having to pay. You do have to pay at least 30 bucks if you want the full game, but that makes a lot more financial sense for publishers and developers instead of doing freemium with a low-priced unlock. Also considering how intensive Civ VI can be on many of the iPads out there, it ensures that customers know the game works.

I'd love to see this business model work for Aspyr, and see them crow about it to the world. If games can sell for normal prices but also address users' concerns about making sure they work and are fun beforehand...maybe there's a brighter future for paid content on mobile after all? Or perhaps we are dealing with the nuclear waste that free-to-play dropped on mobile like Gandhi nuking his enemies in Civiliation VI.

  • jeupsy

    I think that sales price will come back regularily. I also hope it works for them and the pave the way from really premium games on iOS, but I'd say $60 is a bit too high an entry point and they realise it.

  • Hiraether

    $20 is too high for this compared to Civ 2-IV.

    • RedPanda87

      Why? You mean you just don't like the changes they've made for Civ VI? That doesn't mean it's not worth the money - it's a new game with a lot of work put into it and hundreds of hours of content, and one which lots of people love, of course it's worth the money.

      • r10k

        You’re right. The other games (all of which have an equal amount of work put into them, and have hundreds of hours of content) should have their prices jacked back up to $60.

      • RedPanda87

        That's not how that works. They started at that price and dropped, this one will drop too. It's a shame we don't have the choice on iOS, but I'm just glad we're getting full fat Civ at all and am happy to support it.

      • r10k

        I think you missed my point...

  • r10k

    This game gets a disproportionate level of attention on Toucharcade, basically because the guys here like it. Ignoring the insanely jacked up price in places like Australia, this game is the only one I can think of that’s been on sale longer than it has full price.

    It’s a bit crazy... it’s like it’s worth $30, but the publisher keeping pulling the biggest dick move in gaming and kicking the price up 200%. Well props to them, because people seem genuinely happy about it!

  • tommet

    iOS 11. Not for me. Sigh.