HAL Laboratory’s previously Japan only game, Part Time UFO [$3.99] has finally released in more countries including the United States. If you aren’t familiar with HAL Laboratory, they work closely with Nintendo and have for decades bringing us franchises like Kirby, Earthbound/Mother, and more. Back in November last year, HAL Laboratory released Hataraku UFO which is the first game in their new smartphone development studio called HAL Egg. This game has you control a UFO with a retractable claw like the arcade machines except you do it to help people here. This involves things like moving cargo, stacking people, and more. The possibilities seem endless and I’m glad to see them branch out to more countries because this is exactly the kind of thing more people need to play. Here’s a gmaeplay video of it:

When it launched in November, it was Japan only and now it has released in multiple countries worldwide including the United States and United Kingdom. The full list of countries it is available in can be viewed here. It isn’t just iOS only either. It is available on Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

One thing to note is that this is a premium game. It costs $3.99 on the App Store in USA and has no in app purchases at all. If you’d like to see some discussion around it, check out our forum thread for it here. I hope they expand availability even further going forward and can’t wait to see what they put out next.

  • Realist82

    has it iphoneX screen resolution?
    won‘t buy games without it......

    • http://www.twitter.com/BB8orR2D2 David

      Same here. There’s no easy way to tell if it’s optimized for iPhone X. I’ll wait to see what people say.

      • Alex Rogers

        Not yet optimized for X, just downloaded it. Still a fun game. I recommend it

    • Ernesto Ibarra

      No iPhone X, won’t buy the game..

  • Muhammad Ginandjar

    it doesn't show up in indonesia.... this app cannot be accessed.... region lock?????

  • Realist82

    No moneyproblems,but a buy only with iphoneX support
    i see an end with this problems at april,than iphoneX support is duty 🙂

  • http://www.innvonix.com/ Kiara Matthews

    Yes, I can install this app. That's amazing app.