It always seemed pretty likely that 10tons Ltd. would be bringing their latest dual-stick shooter Tesla vs Lovecraft over to mobile at some point. After all, they've seen huge success with mobile ports of their classic arena shooter Crimsonland [Free], their procedurally-generated roguelike shooter Neon Chrome [$6.99], their time-slowing shooter Time Recoil [$5.99], and most recently with their level-based cybernetic shooter JYDGE [$8.99]. In fact, JYDGE was the first of 10tons' games to use Apple's pre-order system, and the developer noted that the pre-orders for the game vastly exceeded what they had expected. Given all this, Tesla vs Lovecraft making its way to mobile following its well-received release on Steam about a month ago seemed like a shoe-in, but 10tons has made it official by announcing their mobile intentions in our forums this week.

As the title of the game itself alludes to, you'll be playing as Nikola Tesla as he uses the high-tech weaponry of his own creation to eradicate the horrific abominations created by H.P. Lovecraft in a story that is truly science versus fiction. The centerpiece of your arsenal is the Tesla-Mech which gives you a full 20 seconds of immense firepower before blowing itself into bits that scatter around the arena. Collect 6 of those bits and you'll enable use of the Tesla-Mech once more, until it explodes and scatters again. Helping you to collect those bits as well as evade your enemies is a move called the Quantum Teleport, which allows you to teleport a short distance through anything. You can stock up to 3 teleports at a time which will slowly regenerate after use, so strategically utilizing them is key to survival as well as piecing together your mech.

Currently 10tons is busy porting Tesla vs Lovecraft to consoles, but as soon as that's finished the mobile version will be in the works with the iOS version coming ahead of Android. Based on previous releases this porting process moves quite quickly and as a rough estimate 10tons hopes to have the iOS version released in Q2 of this year. When the time comes they'll be looking for beta testers so be sure to keep tabs on the forum thread for a heads up when that is going down and look forward to Tesla vs Lovecraft on our mobiles in the next few months.

  • rhinofinger

    Man, 10tons has been pumping out a lot of these top-down shooters
    lately! Neon Chrome, Time Recoil, Jydge, this... not that I'm
    complaining, they're all pretty great. Really digging the theme here, excited to try it!