Bandai Namco Entertainment just announced that it is releasing yet another Sword Art Online mobile game. This one will be releasing worldwide on both the App Store and Google Play and is called Sword Art Online: Integral Factor. IT takes place in the year 2022 when Akihiko Kayaba has developed a full dive VRMMORPG titled Sword Art Online. Once logged into, you can’t log out until you complete the game and a game over means dying in the real world. You play as a former beta tester for the VRMMORPG who is trapped inside now. Watch the announcement trailer for it below:

This is releasing worldwide in English in addition to more languages and you can pre-register for it now. The game will be free to play as expected. Pre-registrations let you pick a specific OS per email or account. You can pre-register with a Facebook, Twitter, or email address for the iOS or Android version of Sword Art Online: Integral Factor.

Pre-registrations net all players 2500 Arcana Gems. This is the in game currency. You will also get 2 in game stickers, a 4 Star Asuna Skill Record, and 2 original avatars. Pre-register for it here. The Skill Records are items that can be set on the protagonist for customization. I had assumed there would be a Sword Art Online mobile game to coincide with the release of the console game Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet that releases in the next few days but it looks like Integral Factor will take a bit more time to release.

  • chinito77

    I really liked the first SAO game, even spent about $20 on it and got myself good gear and characters from the lucky draw. Then I realized that every 2 months, they introduced more powerful versions of the same character therefore rendering my character worthless for upcoming quests. I just sat there and watched people pouring money into the new character of the month. This new game LOOKS really nice but it can rot in hell for all I care. BanCo screwed over a lot of folks with the previous one.

    • nigght

      That's the problem w/ gacha games in general. If it's purely not cosmetical, expect something stronger/more useful to come out later. It's a snowball effect to keep people buying new things and it's completely understandable on their part.

      • darkfyra

        Wonder why those are not under scrutinity like lootboxes are

      • Astral Darkstar


      • darkfyra

        Another thing would be autoplay......why is there no control on what can be considered a game?

      • Onikage725

        A gatcha basically is a lootbox. Heck, if you play Mass Effect or Garden Warfare, those crates are how you unlock new classes.

    • Valentine Wiggin

      The new game uses gacha for sword skills. The good side of that is that there is only so much they can do to "force" you into purchasing new ones. The bad side is that the difficulty drastically increases and you either start off good or never progress. It will end up a lot like the God Eater Online game that was released about a year ago in Japan. If enough people like it, it will stay open without seeing many big updates.
      They designed the last game to screw people out of money. It is nice to see that at least one other person noticed, though. If you visit the Discord or reddit communities, you would think saying those things was heresy. Those idiots invest hundreds per week and think everyone else is the moron. I have a guy on my friend list from the game that has had every new headliner and their weapon, both fully leveled up within days. I did the math and he is spending around $2,000 a month or has luck that would drive Las Vegas into bankruptcy. People just can't seem to view 10 individual $30 purchases as $300 no matter how many times you tell them their bank account is overdrawn. They just buy more.
      Mobile games are not being scrutinized as much because, unlike consoles, this is the entire business model that has existed from day one. It is not a $400 console purchase with a $60 game purchase that is then charging $20 for the chance to get gear. The phone is being purchased as a phone and the game is free. The only real similarity is that you are pretty much cornered into making a purchase or never progressing past the tutorial.

    • Sian Malika


    • Sian Malika

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  • db2

    Switch version plz.

    • Valentine Wiggin

      Switch version? That system must be terrible if you are begging for mobile games instead of the same titles as other consoles.

  • Nick

    Hnghh!!!! Cannot...fucking....hold..back!! HYPE OVERLOAD!!!!