Both of Tencent’s mobile PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds games have launched on the App Store in China. Last year Tencent announced that in addition to bringing PUBG to China through their own platform, they will be putting out not one but two official PUBG mobile games. When PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was picking up Steam on PC, I didn’t for a second think it would translate to games seeing gigantic successes on mobile in the battle royale genre but here we are. Out of the two games that are available on the App Store in China only right now, one is a more arcade take on PUBG with air and naval battles while the other is a more traditional PUBG game. Watch a behind the scenes look at the more traditional PUBG like game below:

The arcade like title is called PUBG: Army Attack and it has been developed by Tencent’s Timi Studio. The more traditional PUBG game is called PUBG: Exhilarating Battlefield. This one has been developed by Lightspeed & Quantum Studio. Both had 75 million pre-registrations as Daniel Ahmad points out and they have no jumped to the top of the charts after releasing a few hours ago where they were lower.

There’s been no word on whether they will release outside China but given the success of games like Rules of Survival and the like, I don’t think we will be waiting too long for a release in North America. If you’d like to check them out on the App Store with a China account, you can get them both here and here for free.

[Via Daniel Ahmad on Twitter]

  • Milotorou

    Do they have MFi support ?

    Cause this is the thing making me not enjoy Rules of Survival as much as id like to

    • 8tackOnTit

      What u use for that? On screen controls is only thing I hate about the games.

      • chinito77

        When you get to the last 10 users standing, I find that touch controls do not allow for the quite timing required for a nervous person like myself. MFi support please!

      • lim hong ping

        MFi support confirmed it download from WeChat china version

      • chinito77

        That doesn’t even make sense? Download MFI from WeChat???

    • lim hong ping


  • Sunny Anderson

    i own an ipad but also note 8...apk is available on some websites..downloading it now but its it chinese language unfortunately.lets see how it goes

  • chinito77

    So the other two Chinese apps, Rules of Survival and Knives out were not official?

    • Eli Hodapp

      Lol what might have given you the idea that they were official?

    • Ollie Wells

      Rules of survival graphics are much better

      • I Play Because I Care

        Graphics good, mechanics bad, aim issue, servers laggy, performance is huge problem for it thats why it wasn't good.
        I played mobile pubg both are much better than rules of survival and survival royal.

  • Dailon Huskey

    Time to check my china App Store account and get on it ha

    • lim hong ping

      Just try to download WeChat on china version then u can download it inside WeChat

  • Prit Attal

    It's awesome I'm awestruck!

    • Prit Attal

      Already played 20games since morning 😂😂

      • Dailon Huskey

        Yes it’s super fun played a few games myself can’t wait to get off work and dive in 🙂 super fun

    • Sevallis

      How’s the performance? I played the pc version of PUBG recently on my late 2015 iMac with i7, NVME storage, and M390X graphics, and I had to turn things all the way down for acceptable performance.

      • Dailon Huskey

        It’s about like the ripoff versions 🙂 it works well and it’s tons of fun

      • Daniel Villanueva Bernardino

        runs well on my j2 prime 1.5gb ram. my god this mobile version has a better optimization than the original.

  • Ollie Wells

    If it’s meant to be so hot for iOS why did they not add the ability to use the Gamevice

  • taigamek

    good. i like game pubg mobile <3

  • AmReY

    How can i make them in English , i dont understand anything ??

  • Daniel Villanueva Bernardino

    it's a perfect mobile port. i already have 2 wins

  • Prince Ian Lozada Palma

    I cant Play this app in my iphone 5s ?? why 😭

  • lim hong ping

    Guys I'm shock that the graphic is good , no aim issues , no server lag , and don't even have control problem . I tried the game everything just same to PUBG (pc) I'm not china people but I just try to download the WeChat from China website then it allow us to play , u guys can try it. Good luck