The Battle of Plytopia [Free] originally launched back in February of 2016, and originally under the name Super Tribes. Yes, a copyright claim prompted Swedish developer Midjiwan to change their game's name several months after its release, which is never a fun thing but they dealt with it in stride. All this time later I actually think the Polytopia name fits the game's overwhelming charm much better. But I digress. Upon launch, The Battle of Polytopia won over fans with its incredibly streamlined take on the turn-based strategy genre. Over the decades that genre has grown into something so complex it's not always easy for newbies to jump into, and that's where Polytopia came in, offering a welcoming hand to those who were intrigued but not prepared to overcome the learning curve of the genre's biggest titles. Beyond just being easier to grasp than many other turn-based strategy games, Polytopia was also built with mobile touchscreens in mind, and it showed. Everything was very clear to navigate and understand, which is impressive given that this is a typically information and menu-dense genre.

Anyway, a small group of people fell in love with The Battle of Polytopia, and since its release nearly two years ago Midjiwan has not let up with improving and enhancing their game. New game modes, new tribes, and all sorts of new features have flowed consistently into the game, and as such that original small group of fans has steadily grown into something of a cult following. And as much as that following has loved Polytopia and appreciated all the work that's gone into it over the past couple of years, there's one thing they've been begging for since the game's original release: Online multiplayer. Yes, The Battle of Polytopia is a fantastic game but it's also a single-player-only game currently, but that's finally set to change as Midjiwan is ready to release an online multiplayer update for the game on both iOS and Android next week on February 15th. The coolest thing? It'll be cross-platform between both versions. iOS and Android Polytopians can finally unite in competition! Rejoice!

Do you enjoy strategy games but have never played The Battle of Polytopia before? Well here's another tidbit of info you'll find exciting: The game is free to play, but in the absolute best way possible. You see, you download the game for free and there are four different tribes for you to choose to play as in either of the game's two single-player modes. The only IAP is for buying additional tribes which are entirely optional and are only for those who truly enjoy the game and want to play it in a slightly different way. See, that's how free to play should work, you enjoy the game and then want to spend money to enjoy it in more ways. Polytopia gets it right. So there's no reason not to take this one for a spin as it has nearly infinite replay value even with just the included free tribes. If you're still intimidated by strategy titles like this, Polytopia has an excellent Wikia page with all sorts of helpful information, so don't be scared to give this one a try and for sure check out the game come February 15th when the online multiplayer is added in.

Link to Forum Discussion: The Battle of Polytopia (by Midjiwan)

  • gmattergames

    Love this game, my preferred mobile civ-like.

  • QuarterSwede

    Excellent game. I’ve killed entire flights playing this. It’s got a great balance and quick action yet long gameplay.

  • korossyl

    The main pic on the Polytopia wiki is a screencap of one of my cities!

    • HelperMonkey


  • Hiraether

    Awesome. Every tribe is worth it.

  • HelperMonkey

    LOVE this game. I’ve bought most of the $1 IAP tribes just to support the devs. Consider me a member of the cult following.
    I recently pointed out the game to a friend who is an Xbox-only gamer. I soon started getting texts from him complaining to me that this little game on his phone was stealing all his time away from the Xbox.
    And he has an Android phone, so the multiplayer being cross-platform is awesome.

  • Peter Rabinowitz

    Beware! This game can be addictive. I’m not even joking. I play multiple times every day.

  • Flstaley

    Is the upcoming multiplayer going to be asynchronous?

  • JammaTal

    BGG says: yes, async.

  • Michael Robinson

    Excited for this!