It's a short list so far of new games that have popped up on our forums, but that's alright because everyone should just be playing Dandara [$14.99]. We've already got a review up, along with another article discussing whether or not it's better on the Switch or on iOS. If you're more into made up holidays than you are iOS games (which would be weird), today is National Fettuccine Day, so be sure to carb up if you have the opportunity.

Here's the list of new games that have popped up on our forums so far this week, and as usual, I expect a few additions throughout the day.

Stay tuned for our full roundup later this evening!

  • JonnyRo1

    Grand Summoners is out today as well. It's a Brave Frontier/Final Fantasy Brave Exvius type of game!

  • Barrett Bear Baker

    Cant wait for FFXV:PE im saving all my monies for it

    • Rattyfus

      You will be able to get the lot for $20 and it's due on Friday with the first chapter free. I too am looking forward to it. Funny how it isn't mentioned here.

      • Barrett Bear Baker

        Played the Firsr chapter an onto the next one BUT I didn’t expect feels at all. I just hope for fishing thats all