Humble Android Bundle 22 has one of the strongest collection of titles available yet for Android, including Death Road to Canada [$12.99]. While most TA readers use iOS devices, many of us have Android phones and iPads, and if you're looking to expand your Android library, or find some new titles to play, $5 for 8 excellent titles is hard to beat.

$5 or more Tier

Death Road to Canada, $12.99 You should know all about Noodlecake's comical, roguelike-inspired zombie survival game at this point. But if you haven't played it, now's the time to do so. It's going to give you dozens of hours of gameplay at the very least, with lots of surprises along the way. This has controller support and works with Android TV, so you can play the game however you want to play it. Considering the Android version alone is $9.99, a minimum of $5 for the bundle with DR2C is a ridiculous bargain.

Party Hard Go, $6.99 It took a long time to get to mobile, but now you can have it at a substantial discount. There's a strong sense of chaos to this game where you murder a bunch of people at parties across the country. If you play the game as a way to have a little bit of macabre fun, and less as a serious stealth game experience, you'll have a good time. While the controls are surprisingly complicated, the touch controls work rather well for this title, though the game has controller support as well.

Pay Above the Average

OXENFREE, $4.99 Night School Studio's point and click adventure tells a fascinating story about a group of friends who get involved in a supernatural adventure on a mysterious island. There's branching paths and multiple endings, so there's good reason to keep coming back to the game if you find yourself intrigued by the story threads you don't pick up the first time around. Need another sign of the ridiculous value of this bundle? You'll pay $15 for this game on console or PC normally.

Mushroom 11, $4.99 This platformer boasts a unique control scheme perfect for touchscreens, as you use your finger to erase parts of your green fungal organism to move throughout the world and solve puzzles. It works well on phones and tablets, and works a lot better than most platformers do. This also comes with the digital artbook, which is well worth a look to see how the distinctive art style came together.

Another Lost Phone, $2.99 Games that take place through phones feel like they're increasing in popularity, and the original A Normal Lost Phone [$2.99] was a major catalyst for the genre. The sequel offers another compelling narrative, as you discover just who is the eponymous Laura, and why she might have disappeared, leaving her phone behind.

Pay What You Want

Splitter Critters, $2.99 This was the Apple iPhone game of the year, but now you can have it on Android for pennies. You'll cut and split apart the landscape in order to solve puzzles and help the critters get to the safety of their spaceship. The touchscreen mechanics are rather unique, and the game boasts a storybook look. Not to be surprised, since this is the studio that made Dark Echo [$1.99], the sound and music here are exceptional.

Galaxy of Pen & Paper, $3.99 Behold Studios returns with another meta-RPG adventure game. Once again using the theme of a tabletop game, you serve as the game master and players of a space-faring adventure, helping to build out your crew and spaceship as you go on dangerous quests through the galaxy. If you found yourself disappointed by Knights of Pen and Paper 2 [Free], fret not - this is by the original developers of the game, and expands on the concept in a variety of ways, and is not just the same idea but in space.

Star Vikings Forever, $2.99 The creator of Chroma Squad [$4.99] made this Plants Vs. Zombies-inspired lane-based RPG. You build up a team of space vikings, and use your different abilities to try and defeat armies of space snails. There's a strong puzzle aspect to the game, as the snails start to use tricky formations and abilities that will test your strategies and viking abilities.

Humble Android Bundle 22 is available until midday February 19th, with the potential for more games to be added on February if you needed more of an excuse to buy this bundle.

  • Mr. Mayhem

    That’s an amazing bundle, too bad they’re not iOS too 🙁

  • NaeemTHM

    Man what an awesome collection. I’ll buy it just in case I have an Android phone again at some point.

    Shame there isn’t a way to redeem them on iOS as well.

  • redribbon

    insane price. receive the email from them few hours ago but i ignore it, but after see how many i can save from buying the bundle in this article, i just rush to their site and pay for it. thanks TA for this post.

  • TheVimFuego

    "many of us have Android phones and iPads" pretty much sums up how the term "iPad" has come to mean any tablet-like device.

    • Eli Hodapp

      No, there are a number of our readers who follow the site because they own an iPad running iOS and some Android phone.

      • tommet

        That would be me.

        iPad Air 2 and Samsung S8+

      • Keno Levers

        Note 8 and iPad Mini 4 here.