When I end up having to make a trip to the local mall, I find that having a few games I can mentally play helps me keep from going nuts waiting for everyone to shop to their heart's content. One of my favorites I play upon entering a comic book type of store is to have a little competition with whoever I happen to be out with to spot the most obscure Funko toy. Usually I end up finding a well known character, but with a movie-scene specific look, or maybe just a character that has a single line of dialogue with Harry Potter. With today's announced Com2us and Funko partnership, I may have more chances for an obscure reference with Summoners War [Free] Funko pops.

Summoners War, if you don't recall, has been making waves securing a berth with some other mobile heavy hitters in Amazon's Mobile Masters Invitational last summer. Being a member of a lineup of games that include Vainglory [Free] and Hearthstone [Free] is a prestigious spot to be in and with this news it seems Com2us is capitalizing on the increased visibility. We can probably say that this is the second big step they've taken since the invitational.Their deal with Skybound, aka The Walking Dead creator, was a big step for them to cross past the boundary between video game and narrative universe. I think in a lot of ways we could see this new deal as an affirmation that this is going to happen and roll out in a big way. Not only will there be pops, but apparel, accessories, emojis, and digital cards are all going to be a part of the agreement.

Surprisingly Com2us is the very first South Korean game company to set up an agreement like this with Funko. Perhaps we may see future things like this with Nexon or NCSoft? I mean, Maple Story is already basically Funko art anyway right?

  • Morgan Leecy

    SW is the game that game that gets it right with IAP, you only need this money at the game if you want to hit the BIG leagues, beyond that they give you more than enough game currency to play for as long as you like. Lots too do, though the grind at end game can be harsh.