We're all about Arena of Valor [Free] these days, and for good reason: The game is amazing. We published a review when the game was new, and I've been slowly working on a newbie guide that's growing whenever I have time to work on it. Anyway, it sounds like we're on the verge of getting our first major Arena of Valor update in North America and they've released a video detailing the major changes.

Check it out:

What's probably going to cause the biggest fuss is the gold cap changes, but they're also adding iPhone X support, adding some visual flare, and even adding portrait frames for your avatar as another thing to unlock. I actually really like what they're doing with skins moving forward, in that by offering a passive gold bonus by having a skin equipped there's a real reason to own skins for your heroes beyond "It looks cool."

Hopefully the update lands soon, as these are some real neat changes.

  • Milotorou

    Im not sure about how I feel about this skin thing to be honest...

    As long as there will be a weekly cap I guess it doesnt matter much... but I sure hope this is not opening the door to give in-game stats boosts to skins. The day this happens I would most likely take my leave.

    I thought this was absurd in Mobile Legends and it would not make more sense here.

    As long as it remains only out of game bonuses im okay with it.

    The rest of the update sounds neat though ! Especially the revamped art, man i cant wait to see that on my ipad pro !