While a lot of people associate Rayark with their excellent character action game Implosion - Never Lose Hope [$9.99], they're also quite well-known for their library of fantastic rhythm games which thus far include Cytus [$1.99], Deemo [$1.99], and VOEZ [Free]. Now the Taiwanese developer is readying a sequel to Cytus, appropriately titled Cytus II, and it's coming really soon: Next Thursday, January 18th to be exact. Check out some of the characters you'll see as well as some of the furious tracks you'll be playing in Cytus II in the following trailer.

For reference, we really enjoyed the original Cytus (and Deemo and VOEZ, for that matter) and it looks like the sequel is shaping up to be another great rhythm game experience. As is the cool new thing to do nowadays, you can actually pre-order Cytus II by visiting this link on your iOS 11 device and going through the purchase motions in the App Store. The game's App Store description goes into more detail about the story if you're interested, and also states that Cytus II will have over 50 songs at launch and will cost just $1.99. If you're of the Android persuasion don't worry, Cytus II will be heading to your platform this coming March.

  • Whellder Guelewar


    Implosion 2, please!!

  • Milotorou

    Nice, I have yet to play the others since I usually play Theathrhythm FF Curtain Call when I feel like playing rythym games, but i tried Deemo a bit and enjoyed it, Rayark are good devs I hope this sells well 🙂

    • Bryana Marie Corrigan

      imo Deemo is the best out of all their rhythm games thus far: beautiful art, no overly difficult gameplay (so it's friendly for most players young and old), lovable characters and an excellent story thats both heartbreaking yet touching at the same time. Cytus is a close second for me though, and i flipped when i heard they were making Cytus 2! i was praying it wasnt a troll then i saw an official trailer from Rayark themselves, so i was super happy. 😀 Cytus' story was pretty vague, but, from what i could piece together, it seemed like an interesting story...so i'm wondering where theyre going w/ this. i would expect Deemo 2 or even Implosion 2...but Cytus was out of left field

  • Bryana Marie Corrigan

    eww, y r they relesing it on Apple first? practically everyone i see has Android nowadays because theyre starting to realize iPhone sucks (plus Rayark's rhythm games r hard to play on iPod, i would know...screens r too small). oh well, at least Android users wont have to wait TOO long

    • Milotorou

      Theres still more money made by selling on the app store, people with iOS devices are more willing to dish out the cash, sad reality but its what it is.

      I dont think iOS devices suck though, tastes are subjective, i like iOS much more than Android and i have the chance to work i the smartphone territory so i touch a bit of everything

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

      Giving a shit what type of telephone people use is one of those things I just will not ever understand.

      • Alex K

        Basic Me vs Them mentality that applies to everything really, what color pokemon game you have, what game console you have, what sports team etc. I tend to assume it's a response to self-validate their choice in purchasing whatever they are defending.

  • Tom Swayer

    haha and that is why I don't own an android

  • Tom Swayer

    make sure you check out Reflec Beat Plus and Jubeat Plus
    while your waiting for cytus 2
    I hope they have better timing in cytus 2, cytus 1 was sloppy..