There was a major Christmas surprise for the jailbreak community as a jailbreak for iOS 11 was released. The iOS jailbreak scene has more or less been stagnant since Apple launched a bug bounty system back in 2016, as hackers basically have two choices when they discover a iOS security flaw that could lead to a jailbreak: They can submit it to Apple and be rewarded up to $200,000... Or they can release it to the wild, get no money, and instead just deal with Reddit drama. Judging by the complete lack of jailbreaks we've seen in recent versions of iOS, this wasn't a difficult decision. Well, Jonathan "Morpheus______" Levin was apparently feeling extra generous when he released an iOS 11 jailbreak into the wild early this morning:

This particular jailbreak comes with a pretty significant catch: Right now, all it is is the jailbreak itself. You can SSH into your device and do all the other things that make installing Cydia and all the other jailbreak tweaks possible... But Cydia isn't working yet, neither are the various substrates that Cydia requires. When will Cydia and everything else start working? Well, that is the question. Here's a quote from Reddit explaining the situation:

[W]hy is Cydia not working with all these Jailbreaks huh? What's the deal. Well. Cydia and specifically substrate rely on a KPP Bypass to function, of which we currently don't have. So we are waiting on Lord Saurik to update Substrate to a position where a KPP bypass is not required. No one but Saurik can achieve this. No one else. So don't go asking jailbreak developers why Cydia doesn't work and when will it. Because they don't know. Only Saurik knows. Pestering developers only drags them down and it really isn't helpful.

Apparently many of the low-level frameworks that make Cydia and the rest of the jailbreak ecosystem work are all 32 bit, and were never updated to the 64 bit binaries that iOS 11 requires. There wasn't much hope for an iOS 11 jailbreak, and the scene more or less died off. Part of me wonders if this isn't just an elaborate way to troll Jay "Saurik" Freeman, as it has felt like he's really moved on from Cydia. Releasing a jailbreak and being like, "Welp it's up to Saurik" to do the rest is a pretty good way to have a fire hose of internet weirdos pestering you 24/7.

Anyway, you can download the iOS 11 jailbreak in its current for here- Just keep in mind that unless you're an actual jailbreak developer you can't do much of anything with it just yet.

  • Wizard of Odyssey

    Literally the only thing I would want jailbreak for nowadays would be to install ye olde game emulators ...and that's pretty well handled by my PC. I get the "freedom" principle of jailbreaking, but there's nothing in it for me anymore -- just risk and hassle without reward. I thought I read someplace that rates of jailbreaking were way way down?

    • Jared Nelson

      Yeah it's dying off except for a very small niche of people

    • mikelite

      the central principle still remains - the ability to tweak your phone exactly how you want. for me, it's mainly polishing off the rough edges of iOS - adjusting the number of columns on the springboard, automatically closing a folder after you launch an app from inside, hiding elements from the lock screen. there's still so much reward in jailbreaking.

      • JimCreeper .

        It’s a little surprising to hear that jailbreaking in itself is dying. I think this has more to do with the fact that newer jailbreaking methods aren’t as straightforward as they were back in pre iOS 7 days. It would be stupid to say that jailbreaking is mostly done by people for the customizability, as we all know most people jailbreak to pirate apps.

        As long as there are paid apps and as developers are taking the in app purchase unlock route for paid apps, then I see no reason jailbreaking would decline.

      • mikelite

        > as we all know most people jailbreak to pirate apps.

        Would love to see your sources for that kind of nonsense statement. Aside from being 1000% wrong, that kind of generalization hurts the community. I'm not gonna deny that piracy is possible but to claim that's the main thrust behind jailbreaking is ludicrous. You don't even need to be jailbroken to pirate apps.

  • Jean pierre

    It is good news for people who are not sheeps. I have always jailbroken my Apple devices for freedom purposes. Recently I took the plunge to Android, but I must admit that Google is worse than Apple. It took 2 days for me to root my galaxy tab s3...
    For all the reto gamers like me, I recommend to head to Raspberry (recalbox or Retropie). I must say also how I have been seduced by the Nintendo switch... Happy New Year for all!

    • Eli Hodapp

      Wake up, sheeple.

      • Jean pierre

        Sheeple, what is that?

      • Jean pierre

        Google helped me in translation lol

  • gonif

    With the recent revelation that new versions of the iOS purposely slow down older iPhone models, can you seriously not see a reason for jailbreaking? And now that Apple has all but killed the jailbreak scene with offers of huge cash prizes, there's really no one determined to stop them from doing whatever they please. Personally, I'm jumping ship as soon as I can.

    • Eli Hodapp

      The Android world is no better. The grass is equally brown on both sides of the fence, just slightly different shades.

    • Milotorou

      You seriously think Android isnt doing that too ?they simply didnt "admit" it yet.

      They do that to prevent battery issues to be worse than they already are, but I guess its easy to just bash the negative and ignore the positive.

  • Milotorou

    Used to be a huge fan of jailbreaking for emulating + a few quality of life tweaks (like Activator and Flux before they had the night shift thing)

    Unfortunately, the world of iOS moves on fast, and not being able to upgrade your OS kills a lot of things, its simply not worth the sacrifice anymore, to me that is.

  • Luzsec

    Hacking timeeeee... xD oh wait.. i bought premium game with no iap ;(

  • TJF588

    Would anyone with the technical acumen elucidate me as to wither mine olde 32-bit applications could be made operable under iOS 11 with this measure? It's...really THE thing holding me back from updating.

    • Jean pierre

      Same for me, my devices will stay forever on lower IOS versions for the same reason. There is no way to run 32 bits apps on IOS 11.

  • HamaFist

    I still have an old iPad on 9.x.x jail broken with retroarch fully working... however, no jailbreak and no headphone jack means the 7plus is the last iPhone I’m ever getting.