Back in August developer 4:33 Creative Lab in conjunction with DC and Warner Bros. announced their new superhero action RPG called DC Unchained. In it you'd amass a roster of famous DC characters and then set them up in teams of 3 to take on a multitude of bad guys throughout the DC Universe in the story campaign or hop online to pit your team against the teams of other players. It's basically Marvel Future Fight [Free] but for DC characters, and it looked really fantastic. Unfortunately no release date was announced at that time and I've been wondering myself what the deal is with DC Unchained. Today we get a few more answers as 4:33 has released a brand new trailer which you can scope out below as well as some details on a closed beta test they'll be running in January.

Looking sweet, eh? So about that closed beta test. First of all, it's only for Android, so iOS folks need not apply. Second of all the beta is only for players in South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong, so I'm guessing that rules out a big part of our audience even if they are on Android. It's kind of a bummer too, as the rewards for the beta test participants sound pretty cool, as laid out on the pre-registration website. It's possible you might be able to get in using a VPN or something, but there is a warning that "You may be excluded from participating in the CBT if you register through illicit methods." Yeah I'll probably just go ahead and wait for the official release. The CBT will run from January 10th-17th and on the bright side this means DC Unchained is getting closer to being finished, so once we have some more details about it we'll let you know.

  • darkfyra

    Shame...that it’s just another clone in a pile full of it...make something original dammit!

    • Duncan Ng

      It feels like a clone of MFF. But I am just glad that we got a DC version of MFF. xD

  • Trag'Deí Pfeeniks

    It feel like people want to play their game. But they don't want people to play it. All this hesitation is not necessary. Keep stalling people will get bored with it before it even come out. And some other game company with more courage will take their shine.

    • stephen mccord

      I know. Like pso 2 all over again.

    • Duncan Ng

      It is ok. I would prefer they take their time to develop the game. Do the test and etc. A late game is better than a broken game. Like FFXV, they are taking their time to port the game to pc.

      Making sure it is a good port unlike Nier Automata. Nier Automata is such a terrible port from console to pc.

  • Jeremy Scheetz

    If only it wasn't a mobile game and was on PC to replace Marvel Heroes desire...

  • Devashish Hait

    any information about when this officially launch in play store india plz guys tell me plz im waiting for this game
    and yeah its look like mff(marvel future fight) but it is not you can see watch some youtube videos yeah its look like but gameplay power skills all things are different.... yeah its look like to mff but not at all