I feel like I've said it a million times now around here on TouchArcade, but one of my favorite things about the App Store recently is how many Steam games are getting ported to mobile that I've heard nothing but good things about but just never really played largely because my PC is in my basement and my iPhone is always with me. (The same can be said for Switch ports, which I mentioned when I posted about Stardew Valley.) The latest Steam game I've been meaning to play, but never did, and now will likely totally get lost in on my iPhone is 505 Games' Portal Knights [$4.99]. Also, thanks to it being nearly impossible to sell premium games on mobile, the pocket-sized version of Portal Knights will only run you five bucks, down from the twenty it costs on Steam.

The way I always seem to see Portal Knights being pitched is, "It's like Terraria [$4.99], but in 3D." Honestly, that's a pretty great way to put it. The game leans heavily on Minecraft-y style crafting with loads of additional complexity added through surprisingly complex RPG trimmings. You'll craft all sorts of gear, level up your dude, fight loads of baddies in all sorts of different biomes, and tons more. Better yet, it's all multiplayer. (The PC version has split screen, which friends of mine that have kids have raved about.) Currently, the mobile version offers four player local multiplayer over WiFi, but man the hope of online multiplayer (or even cross-platform online multiplayer) is something I'm really going to keep my fingers crossed for in future updates.

Portal Knights was also recently ported to the Switch as well, although it'll run you $29.99 over there. I'm waiting to get some clarification back from the developers on the differences between the different versions of the game, but so far it seems to be the same game on each platform with the only difference being world size, online versus local multiplayer, and overall world size. I'll update this article once I get that clarification.

  • https://www.thenerdystudent.com/ Giacomo Lawrance

    Looks good! Does anyone know if it supports controller?


    • Milotorou

      Id like to know too

      • boydstr

        I buy the game when they put in controller support I tried Minecraft but didn’t like it that much it felt more like a building game and not so much as a game but Portal Knights looks more like a story driven adventure and the combat and the overall look of the game is much more polished and on top of that it is extremely cheap.

    • Taeles

      No gamevice support so I assume no mifi at all

  • thejbe

    Blinking love this game on PS4! Didn’t see this coming. Whatever next? GTA San Andreas? 🙄

    • boydstr

      GTA San Andreas is already available in the AppStore.

  • http://www.youtube.com/c/AGeekyChick AGeekyChick

    I'm excited about this. It never came out for Mac, so this will be my first time trying it out.

    • rezn

      My thoughts exactly. I hate waiting for great PC games to hit Mac. Usually I’ll end up getting a PS4 or Switch version as opposed to trying my patience.

    • Henry Law

      I tend to just hold out and wait until games are releasing on the Mac OS platform

      You have to make a stand

      Games are coming to Mac OS anyway sooner or later

  • boydstr

    Why is there such a huge price difference between the two versions has it something to do with the license fee they have to pay to the different platform holders or is there another reason?

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      It's probably just pricing based on what the platforms can bear. On iOS, anything above $5 is highway robbery. On Switch, where people are still super excited to download new games, they'll have no problem getting $30. It's been out on Steam forever, and had tons of sales, so it's $10-$20 over there. I've heard from a low of developers who are super stoked to get as much stuff on the Switch eShop as possible because people are very willing to spend money on good games instead of writing screeds about how games should only cost a dollar and be updated for eternity.

      • boydstr

        Thanks for the info.

    • TouchGameplay

      If you are taking about the switch version then that be a licence fee that Nintendo are taking. Could the same apply for stream as well if they take a cut, and lets not forgot this maybe a water down version compared to the other two (to be conformed by developers)

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        All platforms take a pretty similar cut, it's just a normal cost of doing business for developers.

  • curtneedsaride

    Premium fantasy game port? Why, yes, I think I will. Thanks for porting it over! And thanks, TA, for letting me know.

    • Milotorou

      If you have an mfi controller let me know if it works with the game, id like to play this on my ipad with my nimbus haha

  • Jinxtah

    Does it have controller support, and why do we always have to drag this out of the news stories 😮

  • Modjular

    Oh man, I was hyped for dragon quest builder 2 to come to switch, this seems to do all that and more 😍

    • curtneedsaride

      I've got DQB on my Vita. Now that's one I wish we could have ported to mobile. Just can't build in a meeting at work with the Vita in my hands. Maybe this will scratch that itch.

  • Taeles

    Hey Eli you mentioned world size being different. Which has larger worlds? iOS or switch?

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      I've yet to hear back from the devs but the iOS description specifically mentions smaller world sizes on older devices. Hopefully will have more details soon.

  • Shining Jade

    Bought this game & no controller support plus touch screen controls are a pain especially with the crouch roll feature just haven’t been able to get fully into it ...
    I will say the events can be brought back by changing your date on your system for Dec 25/October 31 etc to do pass events.
    Offline play which is good ..
    I found being a Mage is way easier ..