Albion Online is finally getting closer to making its way to our tablets (since the game is going into beta soon). It also continues to grow and change. Next week, the Kay update will go live, and it's bringing some important changes to Guild vs. Guild Battles and Raids. Guild vs. Guild battles will see a new Season Mode, which will run for three months at a time. During a season, players will collect points with their guild for either holding onto resource territories or conquering enemy ones. At the end of the season, the guilds get a total score and the winning guilds get to have their emblems hoisted in Caerleon for the whole next season. And as long as your guild controls the territories, you all get a special currency you can use for exclusive items or new battle mounts.

The update will also improve raids, since now you'll have the ability to take down the energy-gathering mages of your opponents, blunting their strength. Kay will also add new Battle Mounts, hardcore expeditions, an extended tutorial, and better game performance. I hope to see the game out on tablets soon because I have a 12.9 iPad Pro waiting for it. Gallop this way to find out more about the update and this way to check out our forum thread.

  • Shining Jade

    If it was still F2P would be nice but it’s now P2P I hope it does poorly enough where it goes back to F2P poor move least if Free it have way more players, now your gonna only have the ones that have trust you.. Meh It’s paid online locked not worth it if I want a paid online locked junky game with in apps I’d get Egglia -_- surely not this what person takes a risk this Game must be godly doubt it though.

    • Eli Hodapp

      It’s very good.

      • GalDrogo

        Like a 'World of Warcraft Killer' kind of good?

      • Eli Hodapp

        It depends what you're into. I like it way, way more than World of Warcraft... But I'm an old school Ultima Online guy.