Bandai Namco Entertainment just announced My Tamagotchi Forever for iOS and Android devices. The original Tamagotchi took everyone’s heart 2 decades ago and there’s a new generation of both Tamagotchi and fans now. Developed by Paladin Studios, My Tamagotchi Forever will be a free to play release. It is currently planned for a worldwide release in 2018 but has soft launched in Canada. Check out the announcement trailer showing it off below:

Beginning today you can register on the site for a contest that lets you stand a chance at being the inspiration for a new Tamagotchi character that will be in the game for everyone. The official website has details for the contest. This release will be an evolved take on the classic Tamagotchi with both new and old game modes. You can share your own Tamagotchi moments with friends and earn coins through mini games that can be used in game. My Tamagotchi Forever is set to launch on iOS and Android devices worldwide in 2018.

  • NaeemTHM

    That’s a really cute video but all I could think is 1997 was 20 freaking years ago. Time! Why must you be such a cruel mistress.

  • AndyMcM

    After the disaster that is Animal Crossing, finding it hard to be excited about this, want to be though, but just know that its going to be full on IAP, and that will just ruin the whole experience!!!! Hope its pay for and all about the experience and brand rather than cashing in.

    • Wessam Lauf - Šomšák

      Well,its not aggresive in iap. I play it atm and its easy to progress without spending any money.

  • Hayley Waalen

    I guess Tamagotchi is back. When will we see more Tamagotchi characters?