We always get a positive response whenever we post about Switch stuff now and again as it seems like there's loads of crossover in our audience between people who are into gaming on the go who also, unsurprisingly, are also really into the Nintendo Switch. Maybe we'll eventually get into full-on Switch reviews, but for the time being I like the idea of posting these sort of mini-review roundups. So, if you're even half as into the Switch as we are, strap in. Otherwise, well, we've posted other iOS stuff today you can check out instead!

Golf Story - I'm a bit of an anomaly when it comes to sports games. I never played any actual sports outside of gym class as a kid, and as a byproduct, never really learned much beyond the basics. I loved the Mutant League games on the Genesis, because you only needed to know the basics of football and hockey- The rest was filled in with arcade ridiculousness. Golf Story is similar. You don't need to know that much about golf beyond the basics, and the rest of the game gets filled in with a shockingly captivating story with RPG elements which are all solved by either playing golf or doing golf-like things.

The story of the game kicks off with you being a no-name golfer, and being put to the task of proving yourself to the people at the nearby course. Most of them turn out to be scum bags, and are only looking to take advantage of you. The story evolves from there, taking often hilarious turns where you'll end up in the middle of a rap battle, fighting off undead armies, and so much more. It's hard to put into words just how much of a surprise this game turned out to be, as I really only downloaded it because I was looking for something to play and it looked kinda-sorta like Mario Golf.

Really, the only knock I can come up with for Golf Story is that putting on greens that have a slope to them feels more difficult than it should be. There isn't any sort of grid that pops up to give you an idea of the contour, instead it just tells you that you're on a slope. It's needlessly tricky, but then again, maybe it's intentional? Either way, Golf Story is among the most surprising games I've played this year, as it's so, so much better than I was expecting.

Stardew Valley - On the podcast we often talk about games we know of that we've heard absolutely nothing but good things about, but just haven't played for one reason or another (usually because they're on a platform we're not that into). That definitely describes Stardew Valley, as if I'm playing a game on my PC, it's usually something multiplayer with friends. So, I was super excited for the Switch launch of Stardew Valley to see what all the fuss is about.

Well, I'm now fifty hours into the game and my girlfriend is eighty hours in. The hype was real. The core of Stardew Valley involves managing a farm, planting crops, harvesting them, taking care of your animals, and selling all of your farm products for cash which you then use to reinvest in more crops, upgrade things, and so much more. This loop is so compelling I've spent entire cross-country flights playing it, and have stayed up until 2:00 AM to just play one more in-game day more times than I can count.

Maybe I'm just too used to playing mobile games, but it's unbelievably refreshing playing a game like this where you have complete control over how time progresses. Have nothing left to do for the day and want to advance to the next day? Just go to bed. Easy peasy. The amount of depth is unbelievable too, particularly once you get into forming relationships with the townspeople and exploring the (many) secrets of the game. One word of warning: Stardew Valley is best enjoyed learning, discovering, and experiencing things as you go. It's been power gamed to death on the PC, and wikis for everything exist online, but you'll really spoil the game for yourself min/maxing everything.

Fire Emblem Warriors - This is the only game I have on my Switch so far that I don't like. I had never played a Dynasty Warriors game before, and haven't played a Fire Emblem game since the Game Boy Advance, so I figured this would be a great way to kill two birds with one stone. That doesn't seem to be the case at all.

Maybe my expectations were out of whack, but I was hoping for a Nintendo-fication of these games. Take a game like Mario Kart- You don't need to know anything about Nintendo characters or even racing games to really enjoy it. Fire Emblem Warriors, on the other hand, makes massive assumptions in both your knowledge of Fire Emblem characters as well as how Dynasty Warriors games work.

The entire gimmick of the game seems to hinge on fighting massive swaths of bad guys, which is pretty cool, but feels weirdly repetitive. I'm not sure if I missed something, or I should just know how this all works from playing other Dynasty Warriors games, but I basically just run around, mash one button, tons of stuff dies, and a story with a ton of characters I have no idea who they are is told. That being said, people who are into Fire Emblem and/or Dynasty Warriors seem to really be enjoying this, I guess I'm just not in that demographic.

Super Mario Odyssey - If you own a Switch and don't have this game yet, you need to just stop right now and either go to the store and buy the cartridge or download the digital version. It is simply unbelievable how good this game is. So good, in fact, that between The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey I feel confident in saying that the Switch has had the best first year of game releases of any console I've seen in my life.

Imagine Super Mario 64, with way better graphics and an entirely new mechanic that comes from Mario's new ability to throw his hat around and take over whatever it lands on. Throw it at a Goomba, and now you're a Mario Goomba. Each enemy or object you possess with your hat has its own unique mechanics, adding a simply unreal amount of depth and variety to the game. I'm reluctant to even mention many more of the enemies/objects you can throw your hat as as discovering these interactions is so unbelievably delightful that I don't want to spoil any of that experience.

The feeling of playing Odyssey is similar to that displayed in the "final taste" scene in Rataouille. It brings all your best Mario memories back, and the game continues to surprise all the way up to the "end" finale which culminates in a way that is so incredible that I'd put it up there on a list of games with the best endings I've ever played.

One tip I'll give is don't worry about picking up extra moons in the initial story mode beyond what's required for you to get to the next level. The story mode of the game is barely more than a multi-hour long tutorial. The game opens up to an unbelievable extent after you first "beat" it, adding so much to do that I feel like I can be playing Super Mario Odyssey for months to come. This game will win man game of the year awards, mark my words.

  • Mrwubbs

    "The story mode is multi hour tutorial" THIS GUY GETS IT!

  • AppStore Cowboy

    Count me among those who enjoy your Switch coverage. You guys all write so well it's not unusual for me to read stories about games I had no previous interest in just because your pieces were so compelling.

    I don't browse the AppStore anymore, every game I've downloaded in recent years has come from a link on this site. Honestly if TouchArcade just shut down one day, I'd probably lose interest in iOS gaming altogether. And that's less a ding on iOS and more a statement on the impact of this site.

  • bigrand1

    Hmmmm. I’ve been thinking about getting a Switch for a while now, but haven’t because of the lack of 3rd party games (at the time) and have been on the fence since. So what do you think? And is there enough good games to make it a smart purchase? Looking good on the horizon, etc.? It’s gotta get me excited or I probably won’t bite! I still have my PS4 and don’t play with it so much since my main gaming these days is on mobile! That’s become my thing! So any info to push me one way or the other is appreciated! Thanks! 👍

    • HotHamBoy

      As of right now Switch has an impressive library. It has one of the best launch year line-ups of all time and, in addition to a great list of $60 Nintendo games, it already has a sizable library of great indies ranging from $10-40.

      Plenty good on the horizon, too. Nintendo is not repeating the Wii U or even the 3DS. They have some awesome hardware with lots of content. Only thing missing right now is Virtual Console.

  • J.R. Jalapeno

    The switch has 99% replaced IOS gaming for me. There's already over 200 games on the Switch Eshop. Its a fantastic device and there's nothing better than physical controls. My iPhone has been reassigned to one hand puzzle games only. I hope we see a dedicated switch section soon!

    • Chronosz

      Fire Emblem Warriors is an incredible game. Ive have over 30 hiurs in it and just recently picked it up. The roster of playable characters is so fun to play as and their are crests you can make which give you playable characters tons of abilities. There are tons of loot which are my favorite things to find in videogames. The frame rate and music is awesome as well. If you love finding rare items and killing tons of enemies on screen at once and flawless playability you will love this game!

      • Chronosz

        Doom comes out 11/10 and Skyrim comes out the 17th. My most anticipated game is Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I have Stardew Valley and have well over 50 hours in that game as well. I plan on picking up Botw and Odyssey in the next couple weeks. I totally agree on a Touch Arcade site dedicated to the Switch. I play it mostly in handheld mode 90% of the time.

  • kristoffer

    Thank you for doing this feature! I'm a loyal TA reader and the Switch has replaced most of my iOS/Android gaming time (definitely not all). You guys are the best.

  • nkarafo

    Nice move to have switch games covered. I own one too. Nintendo titles, good controls, third party that it's growing day after day, yep it's getting better and better. Touch arcade + Switch arcade = good combo.

  • HotHamBoy

    I have no issue with Switch coverage but why now?

    Why didn't you guys cover 3DS and Vita?

    • Michal Hochmajer

      Because mobile gaming should be somewhere completely different?

      Apple/Google have had last ten years to try different things and consolidate market (yes, every trumps were in their hand).
      For companies like these, it is simple as "look at chart" and decide "we want more". I don't blame them.
      For me? It is as simple as "not satisfied = no money out of my pocket". Do not blame me... 🙂

      Vita/3ds were out in time of developing mobile market, where plenty of us expected that mobile gaming will develop in fully gaming experience we knew from the past?
      Cuz, Switch is a serious big thing? Maybe?
      Lot of guys here supporting Touch Arcade (financially) are traditional gamers loving Switch?
      Choose one...

      Past months my spending on the mobile gaming shrinks significantly.
      I am not that big fan of Switch hardware/Nintendo, but gaming is primarly about good ingame experience for me.

      Because mobile gaming should be somewhere completely different?
      There was potential...was.
      I will gladly come back to mobile gaming...once it is worthy.

      Go Nintendo, Go!

  • orangecan

    I bought my switch with Zelda about a week before Golf Story came out and too my shame I've only put about three hours into Zelda because Golf Story completely took over my gaming life. Then Mario came out and all I've been playing since then is that so Zeldas barely had a look in.

    I think out of all my relatively recent console purchases (since the PlayStation probably) the Switch is the one I'm getting the most enjoyment out of.

  • Travis Ryan

    Loving Switch coverage - snappy, honest, enthusiastic - works perfectly alongside touch game coverage for sure 👍

  • RHess00

    This is a great idea Eli. If TouchArcade could be my one stop shop for iOS and Switch my life would be complete.

  • http://www.grahamranson.co.uk Graham Ranson

    More of this please Eli!

  • Marmaduke Chuffnell

    Count me out among those who enjoy Switch coverage on TA. I’d like to have that as a separate website - you should link to the Switch site instead of posting all in one place. For me, this is the equivalent of Xbox coverage - I don’t have one, and it’s not what I came here to read about.

    • Marmaduke Chuffnell

      AND the slogan of this site is “Keeping you in touch with the latest in iOS gaming.” Just saying.

    • ScoopBrady

      How about simply adding a filter the user can use to select what types of stories they want in their feeds? If you don't want to see Switch stories simply uncheck it and you only get iOS ones. Everybody is happy that way. I am also a reader who would like to see expanded Switch coverage.

  • ste86uk

    I have a switch and love the console. I have all of the games you mentioned here apart from the rpg golf. Mario Odyssey is one of the best games I've played in a long time, that alone almost makes it worth getting a switch.

  • icepulse

    I'd kill for Golf Story on my iPhone.

  • laennium

    >We always get a positive response whenever we post about Switch stuff now and again

    Here's another one, to support the idea ) Keep up the good work, guys

  • Andrew Geczy

    Fire emblem warriors looked bad. In fact all the warriors games just don't appeal to me at all. You know what I'd suggest instead? Pokken Tournament. It's a surprising lots of fun, in my opinion. I played the demo expecting not to like it, but the moment I started kicking charizard's ass as pikachu, I was hooked.

  • Discostallion

    +1 more reader who loves the idea of Switch articles from TA.

    This is partly a personal bias since our family is getting one & I need a good source of reviews & news on it.

    Switch content also seems like a logical extension of TA too. I mean it is essentially a high powered tablet with built in Mfi controllers. I would think that 3rd party content will more freely flow from the switch to mobile & vice versa than say, the DS or vita

  • GiHubb

    As the Switch is also a mobile touch platform, it definitely belongs here! Great mini reviews too!

    • HotHamBoy

      Vita also a mobile touch platform.

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        Vita is also basically dead.

      • Stormourner of the Nature

        Vita isn't discontinued though (unless you're joking)

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        “Isn’t discontinued” is a pretty low bar for a platform’s current popularity.

  • Mariah

    Fire Emblem Warriors is very underrated. It’s one of the best musou games.

  • Daniel Schroeder

    "This game will win man game of the year awards" I'm sure it'll win woman game of the year awards too! j/k.

    Good info on FE Warriors. I have a passing knowledge of both FE and the Warriors series, and this makes me feel like I should skip it. At least at full price.