While "roguelike" has become something of a muddied term over the years, it's typically the core tenets of the genre that are most appealing to gamers. Namely an experience that's random, unpredictable, and infinitely replayable. Or at least that's what I personally love about roguelikes. They're never the same experience twice and they force you to deal with situations on the fly using whatever resources you have. You can apply those principles to a number of game types, and in the case of the upcoming Become a Legend: Dungeon Quest, it's taking the action platformer into a roguelike direction. The trailer itself for Become a Legend does a pretty good job explaining what you're in for.

This certainly isn't the first action platformer roguelike, but being a pretty big platforming game afficianado I know the main things I'm looking for when deciding if a platformer is for me. Namely, the speed of the character's movement and the jumping physics. Basically, the "feel" of the game. I haven't played Become a Legend yet myself, but those things look pretty on point based on the trailer. It won't be long until I actually can try it for myself either, as the game is set for release on iOS on November 8th, and is already available as a beta on Google Play. It'll be free with ads and a one-time IAP of $2.99 to remove them. So if this looks up your alley and you're on Android you can give it an early spin, and the rest of us can look forward to Become a Legend: Dungeon Quest later this week.

  • Jeremy Price

    I misread it as ‘Dragon Quest’ and got excited.

  • Misguided

    Hard to respect a game when the trailer acts like there's never been a roguelike on mobile before...

    • Smash Crate

      Especially when it's apparently ripping off Tallowmere, an excellent ios roguelite-platformer.

    • jpgold

      I’m pretty sure all that was tongue and cheek/sarcasm

    • Razor

      One of the devs here! That was 100% sarcasm 🙂

      • anshul papneja

        When is it releasing on iOS?

  • jsrco

    I am going to be that guy... this is not a roguelike. This looks a mobile version of Rogue Legacy.

    • toofinedog

      Rogue Legacy is an amazing game. I see a lot of inspiration from it in this one.

      • jsrco


      • HotHamBoy


        It looks like a very crude clone.

      • toofinedog

        Haha yeah. I meant heavily borrowed, but I hope it scratches that itch.

  • Kosmik Klaus Adamovsky

    Does it support mfi Controllers?

    • Razor

      We are working on that for a future update because a lot of people request that feature!

      • toofinedog

        You need an option to move the jump button. The ideal placement would be to swap the jump and spell buttons. Jump is always in the same spot in your controls options.

      • Razor

        First time reading that but makes sense because is the closest button to the right side of the mvl... we'll investigate that distribution! Thanks for your feedback!