Between Animal Crossing coverage, Blizzcon, and new iPhones, I feel like we've been going non-stop this week. Jared and I somehow still found time to sit down and rap about the new iPhone X. Face ID is really cool, but is going to take some brain retraining, animoji are neat, and the device size just feels perfect. All that and more on this week's episode of The TouchArcade Show!

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  • boydstr

    I have no problem to pay for a new model iPhone I saw a documentary about the amount of profit that Apple made on a iPhone X and I think that there is a point that people look to other cheaper alternatives the amount of iPhones shipping to China is declined the last two years “iPhone X is too expensive for China. It is more of a proof of Apple’s premium brand image,” said Gartner analyst CK Lu. “It will be the iPhone 8 that drives Apple’s China sales.”

  • Saveria

    I didnt want one at all really...till I hopped into my city's apple store yesterday while shopping around and got a chance to hold one. Wow. That screen is just 😍. I can't get one now since I upgraded a few months ago to my current iPhone 7 but eventually yup I'll make the upgrade.

    • boydstr

      The iX without a bezel looks good but I think that it isn’t very practical for gaming I use iPhone 6+ and I and the available space on top and down is very practical to hold it while playing games so that only my tumps touch the screen to steer and action Inputs and I think that is not possible on the iPhone X because you ups cure left/right side of that beautiful screen to hold it.

      • Saveria

        ya that's a good point, though tbh most of the games I play on iOS I use my bluetooth gamepad for so I don't touch the screen at all.

      • boydstr

        Yeah the same for me I play most of my games with my Madcatz controller it is so much easier.