The Room series on iOS and Android really needs no introduction. Within dedicated mobile gaming circles, and also amongst more casual users who may only download the rare title once in a blue moon, The Room [$0.99 (HD)] has made a name for itself with stunning graphics, excellent use of the smartphone's unique capabilities and a compelling universe full of secrets and surprises. After three incredibly well received entries in the franchise, developer Fireproof Games has repeatedly hinted at yet another iteration on the formula called The Room: Old Sins, and gave the game a tentative late 2017 release date when we first heard about it back in March. Sadly, the developers have today confirmed that the game will not debut on the App Store in the next two months, but have instead confirmed that The Room: Old Sins would launch on iOS on January 25th 2018, with an Android release shortly afterwards.

News on The Room: Old Sins has been particularly scarce since the initial reveal earlier this year, and the developer's blog post explaining the release situation emphasises how Fireproof have been determined to replicate the quality and polish of their previous titles before any early glimpses can be shown. However, a preview gif of the beginning of the game has been teased, and what we can assume is the title's final App Store icon has been essentially confirmed on Old Sins' official website. More details should be leaked out in the lead-up to the game's January release date, but anyone with prior experience of the franchise should already know The Room: Old Sins will be an essential purchase that will hopefully kick off mobile gaming in 2018 with a bang. Check out Shaun's review of The Room Three [$3.99] (or any of the titles currently on the App Store) for an idea of what to expect from The Room: Old Sins, and let us know your early impressions on our forum thread.

  • Jason

    Insta-buy!!! I liked the first two better than the third..the small puzzle room configuration worked better the more open world of the third, but they're all about as good as it gets for puzzle games on iOS.

  • Adams Immersive

    #3 has me stumped (sawmill area) but I will get there! And then I will want more...

  • luckysvo

    If I put Room 3 down then came back to it later, I would be lost in terms of where I was and what I needed to do.

    I hope they simplify the world back to the smaller 'room' environments of the first two games

    • Jason

      Completely agree. Tried too hard to be Myst in the third game...hope they go back to playing to their strengths.