Ever since iOS 11 served as the first major shake-up to the App Store - and subsequently the mobile gaming ecosystem - since its inception in 2008, it seems some powerful force at Apple has been trying to capitalise on the latent potential of the platform by pushing through some ambitious acclaimed classics from consoles and PC. We first had The Witness [$4.99] - a true technical showcase for the power of the latest iPhones and iPads, let alone a brilliantly innovative experience - and it looks like The Talos Principle [$4.99] is the next App Store release set to push not only the boundaries of the hardware, but also the boundaries of what people expect of mobile gaming. From Croatian developer Croteam, and published by the prolific Devolver Digital, The Talos Principle is a stunning puzzle game set in a crossover of ancient and futuristic architecture, and is now available on the App Store for the phenomenal price of only $4.99.

The iOS release of The Talos Principle marks the latest iteration of the title - the game has already launched on PC, PS4 and even as a limited Nvidia Android edition on the Google Play store - but this version is certainly the most technically impressive. In a similar fashion to The Witness, The Talos Principle lets you explore an incredibly detailed world with over 120 puzzles to solve. While the similarities are clear, The Talos Principle features a more narrative-driven story similar to the Portal games, and in my humble opinion is far more satisfying as a result. While the iOS version of The Talos Principle does lack the Road to Gehenna DLC, it does feature MFi controller support, which is a huge plus for a game of this nature. The Talos Principle is another game that I would have never believed could ever be a possibility on iOS back when I first picked up my iPod Touch, and hopefully will not be the last such ambitious mobile release. Download The Talos Principle on the App Store for $4.99 today, and let us know your thoughts on our forum thread.

  • loox

    These are the sort of titles that we need to see on Apple TV

    • Tom

      Agree - The Talos Principle was one of the games that Nvidia made quite a big deal about being on the Nvidia shield, demonstrating its gaming prowess - several games like this and Grid:autosport will show that the Apple TV is at least as good from a gaming perspective, better really as it has its own app store rather than sharing unoptomised games with the main store

      • Jay Tea

        Lol Apple TV is poop.

      • star-affinity

        Why? I agree it's not perfect, but poop?

    • Aaron C


    • wtphug

      Here here!!

  • Milotorou

    After loving the witness (still not done with it.... i always take my time with these) ill definitely pick this up once im done with The Witness !

    It looks great !

  • HelperMonkey

    Crazy cheap. Bought.

  • James Harrison

    Bought, but unplayable, after 5 to 10 mins of playing I keep getting a black screen. I am using an iPad Air.

    • Jinxtah

      Hmm, this worries me.

    • Ante[CT]

      James, would be so kind to send us a few more details to support@croteam.com? We've tested the game extensively and would like to know what's the iOS version that you're using and the exact device model. Ty!

      • James Harrison

        Hi I am using an iPad Air running 11.0.2, have just had the same thing happen again, I was moving between areas passed through a blue gate and then the screen goes black. I can still swipe and move through the menus I just can’t see anything game wise on screen.

      • Ante[CT]

        Sorry to hear you're not able to enjoy the game. I'm playing on the iPad Air r/n without issues. What's the exact model, I'd like to see if we can replicate the problem?

      • James Harrison

        Model Air 32gb cellular actual model number is md792B/A1475

      • Ante[CT]

        Got it, thanks!

      • James Harrison

        Hi just to let u know since the last iOS update and game update all working, and what a awesome game.

      • Ante[CT]

        Hey, very glad to hear that and thanks again for letting us know! 😉

  • João Cruz

    Working perfectly on iPhone 7. Controls much better than the witness. In fact this game is what the witness should be.

    • Nate Ready

      They both control exactly the same?

  • boydstr

    Not my cup of tea because I am not a kind puzzle guy I like my games more action/adventure oriented but I saw some beta gameplay and the game looked absolutely stunning.

    • Ante[CT]

      It's worth 4.99 just to look at it. Pull the trigger! B)

      • DeNappa

        Maybe this is a silent cry for a serious sam port? If it's action he wants.... Let them enjoy a beheaded kamikaze . Or 200 of them 😉

  • Kiltedsheep

    That is a crazy price. I'm so excited!

  • Gurney Halleck

    Bought and about 40 mins in. Plays brilliantly on iPad Pro(2) 10.5" iOS v10.3.3. At this exceedingly fair price point, and with such an excellent transition to touchscreen in this highly polished port The Talos Principle not only holds my most earnest recommendation, but is also my favorite version of the game to play! My only hope is that the expansive Dehenna dlc may also be added in the near future (nod to Devolver.)

  • Sa Say

    Does it play well on iPhone 6? Mostly concerned that the screen is too small to get the full experience.

    • http://twitter.com/Danny_hr Danny_HR

      You can play it on iPhone 6, no problem.
      The screen is small, but it's still enjoyable.

  • rtificial

    Don't forget there is a companion app that launched with the original game. It was a puzzle game like some of the door puzzles and it would unlock hidden messages and stuff in the main game.

  • star-affinity

    Anyone knows if it uses Metal for the graphics? Metal 2 even (I guess not)?