Sorry to disappoint any fans expecting the SEGA Forever series to be literally faithful to its name, as there were only ever 897 Genesis/Mega Drive games published, and only a proportion actually developed by the Japanese company themselves. SEGA Forever - more like SEGA Seventeen Years, am I right? In SEGA's defense, they have released so many titles under this new moniker on the App Store that I can't even remember if I've made this awful joke before, so apologies if my terrible humor has started to get stale. Anyway, another week, another new SEGA Forever game, and this time around it's the short but sweet action RPG Beyond Oasis [Free]. In the game, your protagonist comes equipped with a magical Armlet, which can harness the powers of certain elemental spirits encountered on your travels. Beyond Oasis is definitely one of the strongest of SEGA's back catalogue, and is available to download today for free on the App Store.

Coincidentally, Beyond Oasis was released in the United States exactly a year before I was born. However, despite being somewhat before my time, the game has caught my eye in the past from its previous re-release on the Wii Virtual Console service. Beyond Oasis is a beautifully vibrant SEGA alternative to adventure games like The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past, and features some sprawling and quite literally epic bosses in a far more combat-centric fare to Nintendo's action series. Even though the game is over twenty years old at this point, it is still an enjoyable experience to tackle today, and hopefully Beyond Oasis continues the gradual improvement of the emulation that we've seen in the SEGA Forever games over the past few weeks. While you'll likely not be waiting forever for an official TouchArcade review of Beyond Oasis, I'd recommend checking out Shaun's excellent spotlight post on his personal site, and let us know your own thoughts on the game in our forum thread.

  • Enker

    This was Story of Thor here in the UK, and I must have completed this 1000 times in my youth. Great game!

  • Wizard of Odyssey

    It amazes me that you young people like to play these ancient games ... I'm more than twice your age and I missed this one the first time around, it was a very late Genesis entry. Most of us were on Saturn and Playstation by the time this rolled around. I look forward to playing it for the first time.

    • boydstr

      I started gaming on the SNES and start playing this on my N95/8gb with an emulator but didn’t finished it,now I can play it again with a controller niceeeeeeeee.

    • Shaun Musgrave

      Unless you lived in Japan and bought a Saturn or PS1 at launch, you couldn't have had either console when Beyond Oasis launched. It hit Japan a few weeks after those next-gen consoles did, but its March 1995 release in EU/US puts it 2-4 months ahead of the Saturn in those regions and six months ahead of the PlayStation. It came out around the same time as Phantasy Star 4 outside Japan, a period that I tend to see as the Genesis's last blaze rather than its walking dead phase. It cut things pretty close, though, I'll grant you that. 🙂

    • Bliquid

      Woah, so you are 78 years old?!?
      Gamer gramps ftw!

  • HelperMonkey

    I feel like this was an overlooked gem. Hopefully people who are new to it will have a good experience with the port.

  • toofinedog

    Wow, I loved this game in my Genesis days.

    • Deckard74

      Phil, is that you?

      • toofinedog


  • chfuji

    I rented this game from Blockbuster (RIP) twice because it was so awesome and I couldn’t seem to find it for purchase. The second time I popped the cart in only to find out someone had switched the cart sticker with Sonic the Hedghog. I guess it was hard to find for someone else too.

  • SeanTheHuman

    Really diggin' Sega's choices in their lesser known gems

  • MK

    Finally there's a reason to try SEGA Forever.

  • Lodmot

    Did they actually fix the controller support yet? ._.