Wizards of the coast continues to reveal the upcoming Magic: The Gathering Arena piece by piece, and today we got another developer stream that focused primarily on Aesthetics but also included a Q&A part. The developers discussed how they came to the decisions they did on things like card look, tapping animations, and so on, all of which were accompanied by videos showing the evolution of the design. For instance, they talked about the importance of keeping the cards facing the player throughout a match, which influenced how the cards will look like when they are tapped. Finding a way to show tapped cards well was much trickier than it sounds, and I have a hunch the developers' thought process was also influenced by how the game might look like on tablets and phones in the future.

If you've been wondering how the game will look and wondering what the reasoning is behind each of those design choices, you should definitely watch the above video. The Q&A is also very informative, with the developer explaining design decisions, changes that might be coming to the future, and much more. The PC beta is getting closer, and I'm very curious to see what the end-result will be. It does look that there's a lot of attention paid to this digital client, so I'm optimistic about the future of Magic on our phones and tablets.

  • direswing

    This looks really bad. Like, I love Magic in that it's almost like Chess compared to the Checkers of Hearthstone in my eyes but I don't play it cause they do not know how to make a digital game.

    • Saveria

      At least how to make one work well on smaller devices like iPhone and featuring more complete experience like the printed version. Personally had tons of fun with the original dotp games but they really do struggle to make a more complete digital experience work out well don't they?

      Still I will definitely give Arena a try when it comes out because i love magic and gave /sold my printed cards away