Stranger Things, Netflix's TV show, really resonated with viewers both because it had a great cast and story but also—and perhaps primarily—because it perfectly evoked the 80s, tugging at those nostalgia strings throughout. Today in a surprise release, we are getting Stranger Things: The Game [Free], and it too hopes to take you back to the 80s both thematically and in terms of gameplay. This completely free game (no IAPs no anything) is pretty unforgiving, as were games back in the 80s, so it comes with two difficulty modes: Classic, for those used to dying a lot, and Normal, for those who want to explore the game at their own pace without fearing (spoilers) that they'll meet Barb's fate.

If you are a completionist, you can try and collect all the Eggos and Gnomes and complete the VHS library. And if you manage to collect everything, you might even get to unlock secret characters or never-before-seen footage of the upcoming Season 2. Speaking of Stranger Things Season 2, the new episodes are coming October 27th, and the developers plan on updating the game with more content and characters on that day. Even without the additional content, Stranger Things: The Game offers over 10 hours of gameplay, 7 playable characters to choose from, 6 Dungeons and over 30 quests, so this definitely isn't a money grab. Enjoy the upside down.

  • Gurney Halleck

    No link to game? Looks great in the trailer. Searching AppStore now

  • Ivica

    Wow this game, and free without iaps.

  • Deckard74

    Just played some of this, good fun and it's amazingly generous content for free, this kind of game would have cost £10-£15 back in the day and that's in 80s money!

  • curtisrshideler

    Am I dreaming?!? This is another game I was hoping would become a reality. AND it's free! Thanks, Netflix, Stranger Things, and developers.

  • gaberaph

    Thanks to anyone who a hand in making this game!!!

  • Drelen

    As someone who dislikes spoilers, will this game spoil the actual show? I am wary about it saying you can unlock season 2 characters.

    • Tyler Mackie

      If you watched all of season 1 it looks like you should be fine for now. Season 2 stuff comes out when season 2 does. I haven't played the game.

  • jpasholk

    Omg this is amazing. I can't wait to play it today after work.

  • iamthekiller

    Wait, what??? As a huge fan of the show... awesome!

  • curtneedsaride

    If we were going solely on fun and what I've wanted in a game, this could be up there for GOTY for me. I just wish I could play it natively on my Mac too!

  • EZ Ice

    Very well done! Wow!

  • gonif

    Usually couldn't care less for anymore "retro" looking games on mobile. But this thing was fun to play. I chalk it up to good map & level design, which is enhanced by proper application of characters' unique abilities.

    Managed to unlock all the waffles, tapes, and gnomes. Still can't believe this is free. This is how you do a tie-in right. Oh, and the trailer is fun to watch; worth unlocking.