Death Point [$2.99] is a prime example of my favorite feature of the App Store, as it's one of those games that appears out of absolutely nowhere but ends up being deceptively awesome. With its exciting stealth-infused take on the dual stick shooter, Death Point made quite a splash on our forums when it released in August, and comparisons that equated the game to a top-down mobile Metal Gear Solid really sum up the very essence of Andiks Ltd's surprise App Store hit. However, the game was by no means perfect, and many enthusiastic gamers were sceptical of the inconsistent virtual dual-stick controls - by no means a deal-breaker, but something that would inevitably necessitate some time to get used to in the title. Thankfully, the developers have been actively listening to feedback on our forums, and have today released an update for Death Point that introduces MFi controller compatibility alongside a multitude of additional fixes and tweaks.

The inclusion of MFi controller support is especially desirable for a game like Death Point that does require accurate controls, and any owners of any such devices who may have passed on the title first time around should definitely give Death Point another chance. The other main feature in this 1.4 update is additional checkpoints on levels, which should make the experience slightly less frustrating in the more difficult parts of Death Point. Tweaks to the general gameplay, such as how the Uzi will automatically witch to the next weapon when its ammo has been whittled away, are also welcome, and only further emphasise Death Point's status as one of the best stealth action titles of 2017. I can't wait to jump back into the game with my SteelSeries Stratus in tow - whether you're excited by this new update, or if this is the first time you've heard of the title, head to our forum thread for more information and discussion on Death Point.

  • Aaron C

    Awesome! I was out off by lack of mfi support before! I hope I to comes through on Apple TV too!

  • Jinxtah

    Definitely good news. This game was made with controllers in mind, so it made no sense that it didn't have support for it. I'll put it on my wishlist!

  • boydstr

    When the game was released and I played the game for the first time I stopped playing within the first 10 minutes I died several times because I needed to hide myself but the virtual stick wasn’t precise enough for this type of game when they updated it for MFI it was a completely different story the only criticism I have is that you can’t see enemies when your hiding you only see footsteps on the ground when they in your range but then they disappear I have seen some pics where you have the ability that you can see them through walls etc so I hope that this is a temporary thing.