Last month Zen Studios announced that three major Universal motion pictures franchises would be getting the pinball table treatment in their lovely Zen Pinball [Free] game, and alongside that announcement they released the first trailer for one of those tables which is based on the classic kid-finds-an-alien-and-adventure-ensues tale… Mac and Me! No just kidding, it's based on Spielberg's classic E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Then at the end of the month, Zen revealed the trailer for the second table in the upcoming pack based on The Undisputed Greatest Film of All Time Jaws. Now Zen has just released the trailer for the third and final table in the upcoming pack, which is based on the '80s version of Rick and Morty, also known as the Back to the Future trilogy. Check it out, Doc!

As with all of Zen's pinball tables, I absolutely love that they take advantage of not having to adhere to real world physics and fully embrace being a digital game that can have stuff like a DeLorean flying into the screen or a bolt of lightning hitting the table, both of which would probably kill the player should they happen in real life. What I don't love as much are the voiceovers that try to capture the sound of the original actors. In E.T. it's pretty easy to capture the alien's weird voice, and Jaws is largely all about its epic music anyway. Back to the Future on the other hand really relies on the quips between Marty and Doc, which are off just enough as to be irritating. No matter, the table itself looks great and I'll very happily be playing all these new tables when the Universal Classics pack arrives in Zen Pinball next Tuesday, September 26th.

  • Robert Brian Taylor

    It seems like none of these tables are using the authentic music from the films (which almost all the Zen tables do). That’s a huge problem.

    • Sean Thorpe

      Agreed. I couldn't help but wonder why they didn't get voice clips either, instead of voiceover...mixed bag

      • Robert Brian Taylor

        Licensing issues. The thing is, the dialogue on their tables is usually sound-alike, but they always use authentic music.

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