Kevin Hart continues to be pretty funny in both his movies and stand up, and now he's helping promote Gold Ambush [Free], the game that combines tower defense with maze running. In the just-released trailer, Hart first gives a shout-out to your favorite gaming website and then proceeds to explain why you should be playing Gold Ambush. Gold Ambush has been out for a bit, although it was technically in soft launch until today (even though it was available in the US). Now, Kevin Hart has joined the game, with himself and his family members becoming playable heroes.

Gold Ambush seems like an interesting blend of genres that tries to give something to everyone: if you like city builders, you got a city builder, and if you like (almost) endless runners, you got that too. If you haven't read the details on the game when we wrote about it last month, in Gold Ambush you build your castle and then fortify it using all kinds of traps. When you get raided by other players, you can return the favor and try and see if you can overcome their traps first. And, as you would expect given the game's name, it's all about grabbing some gold and using it to upgrade your castle and defenses. Check out our forum thread for more on Gold Ambush.

  • DemoEvolved

    He says it's a new genre, but it's more of a mashup

  • korossyl

    Congrats, TA!!

  • Kallizm

    I give it 5 stars, no 6 stars!

    Hahahaha that got me laughing out loud. I love Kevin.

  • Nico&Smokey

    I like it

  • bigghurt

    This is what this game needs. It's been out for what seems like forever and I haven't heard anyone talk about it. Hopefully it'll get some attention now. I'll have to try it again I think the last time I played it was over a year ago in soft launch.

  • Chuck Finley

    Not a fan of him, either in films or stand up.
    But it's amusing that every other Kevin Hart headline today (see Google News) is focused on an extortion attempt for his cheating. Let's hear it for video games as a vehicle for excapism!

  • Chaorro

    Game looks fun, but it still doesn't look like much more than another attempt at money grabbin.