‘Tales of the Tiny Planet’, a Charming One-Button Puzzle Title, Is Out Now on the App Store

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Ever since Rolando redefined the expectations of what mobile gaming could offer, I’ve been inexplicably attached to cute, anthropomorphic blobs in video games. Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for excellent character design within the industry, but despite how hypocritical it may sound, the purity of a smiling red circle just triggers something deep in my heart. This meant that the trailer for self-described physics puzzle venture Tales of the Tiny Planet ($3.99) was particularly appealing from the outset, as bouncing the titular spheres around deviously designed levels (with comical voices and sound effects upon an especially spiky demise) looked both charming and captivating. As puzzle games go, Tales of the Tiny Planet appears to be out of this world (pun fully intended), and is available to download from the App Store for $1.99 today.

Outside of its alluring design and engaging concept, Tales of the Tiny Planet ticks all the right boxes for what I’d expect from a casual iOS puzzle title. A single button control scheme means one-handed play on the daily commute, which is a huge plus for impatient people like myself. Sixty varied levels all with wild and wacky mechanics to encounter, five uniquely crafted worlds, and even villainous enemy asteroids with a frown that’s difficult to take seriously all underline the developer’s attempt to make Tales of the Tiny Planet not only a substantial experience, but one that stays interesting and varied throughout its lifespan. Early glowing impressions on our forum thread suggest they have achieved this galactic goal – if you’re interested in the game, or want to share your own views on the title, comet down to our Discord Server for more discussion on Tales of the Tiny Planet.

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