Mobius Final Fantasy [Free] will have Lightning as an Ultimate Hero. This is a part of the new Final Fantasy XIII collaboration for Mobius Final Fantasy that includes an original story with exclusive items and rewards. The collaboration comes soon after the game celebrates its one year anniversary. Watch a trailer for the event below:

Hope and Snow join as Legend Job Summons and getting them both will reward players with a companion spirit themed after Lightning. In addition to that, there will be 16 in game gifts, a Lightning ability card, and a Lightning emoticon stamp that will be rewarded as login bonuses during the campaign. Veteran players can even check out the Lightning Resurrection Region Part 2 for more original story and for improving their Final Fantasy XIII cards. While the collaboration event begins today, a new ranking event will start on September 23rd where players can use paradigms from the event to compete with each other. Mobius Final Fantasy is available for free on iOS and Android devices and you can checkout the forum thread for it here.

  • curtisrshideler

    I thought by getting either Hope or Snow's job you would get the Lightning Echo. Also, this Lightning Ultimate job actually transforms your hero's appearance to actually look like Lightning, not just dressed like her. I hope more Ultimates come with these events. I would've really loved Zidane instead of just his job. And maybe this is how we'll finally get FFXV jobs...

  • Ryukashin

    Made a second account for fun to see what I could draw. Got Lightning Ultimate job, Mystic Ninja, and a bard in 3 pulls. Now I just need the ranger supreme or Aerith supreme and I'll have a great account.