Well friends, we can scratch another one off the condemned list. I'm not real happy about losing the games that are definitely on their way out this fall, but if I must find a silver lining, it's seeing a lot of games updating that I never thought would update again. Take, for example, Rogue Touch [$2.99]. It's a pretty nice mobile version of the classic computer game. Originally released all the way back in February of 2009, the game hadn't seen an update since September of 2013. I thought for sure this one would be a goner come iOS 11, but not only has it been updated with 64-bit compatibility, there's also a bunch of cool new additions and improvements.

rogue touch 1 rogue touch 2

So yes, the most important thing is that the game is now 64-bit compatible. You'll need iOS 8 or up to play it, but I'd imagine the whole 32-bit purge isn't a big deal for anyone still rocking iOS 7 and down anyway. The game now includes Retina support for both text and the in-game visuals, and it makes a really big difference. Oh, and if you like listening to your own music or podcasts while you play, Rogue Touch is now down with that. Finally, there are a ton of adjustments to the gameplay mechanics and how the dungeon generator works to make everything play that much better. Bug fixes? Oh, there are plenty of those as well, my rosy-cheeked pals.

It's great to see classic games from the early days of iOS getting updates so that they can continue to be enjoyed by players. Rogue Touch is a lot of fun, and I'm glad I'll be able to have it on my next device. I'll leave you all with a little tip, too. Whenever one of these cool cat developers comes through with a compatibility update like this, you can do them a big favor in return by rating or reviewing the game in the App Store. It's a small thing on our end, but I know the developers appreciate it.

  • ZS77

    Awesomenessessesses! I think I may have just soiled my undies.....

  • ChronoSoft

    Hi Shaun, thanks for the shout-out about this big update!

    People might think I'm crazy to invest new development time and money back into such an old game, but I couldn't let Rogue Touch die in the 32-bit apocalypse... Even if I was the only one left playing.

    There's been some nice notes of support from players all over the world today upon receiving the fresh new look... I'm grateful for all the love towards a mostly forgotten classic. Keep it coming πŸ™‚

    I'm curious if anyone around here knows of an older game than Rogue Touch (something released prior to February 19th, 2009) that will still be playable in iOS 11? I can't find any, which means I may be king of this little old mountain by the end of September!

    • DanCJ

      You beat Doodle Jump by about a month and a half.

      • ChronoSoft

        Woohoo, that means I'm still #1! Although DJ is another huge classic iOS game for sure.

        Also interesting to note that Rogue Touch is still "Buy it once, play it forever"... rather than being seduced by the IAP dark side like they were with Doodle Jump 😜

      • Aernsneaky

        Cube Runner is from August 2008 and I'm not getting any update warning in that (my first app) TapDefense, or Cube (the Quake clone).

      • ChronoSoft

        Thanks for the comment, I just looked these up:

        TapDefense and Cube (Quake clone) are not 64-bit, and will be unplayable in iOS 11.

        Good catch on Cube Runner- Looks like it will be the champion for the oldest still functional game in the App Store! It was last updated in 2016 and is 64-bit compatible (assuming it doesn't do something odd in its code that is broken in iOS 11).

        Very unfortunate that so much cool stuff from the birth of iPhone gaming will be lost forever in the next few weeks...

      • Aernsneaky

        Yeah, I recently made a post in the forum lounge about it! Dunno if anyone checks that place regularly though.

    • squirpe

      Thanks so much for updating what will always be one of my all time favorite IOS games. Insta-re-installed πŸ™‚

    • Emos

      Rogue Touch was one of the first games I ever downloaded to an iPhone and it has remained on my devices ever since. I haven't fired it up in a long time but it's time to go dungeon crawling again! Just wanted to say that RT was one of my absolute favorite games during the early years of iOS gaming.
      So is Spirit Hunter Mineko still a work in progress or have you moved on to bigger and better things?

      • ChronoSoft

        Emos, asking the important questions!

        First off, thanks for the RT love and I hope you enjoy some new dungeon crawling with the update.

        To go officially on the record here on TouchArcade, Spirit Hunter Minkeo is still a thing that is happening! I've actually got *years* of artwork created for it all at my personal expense, along with a bunch of old code and design documents. Business and life have been conspiring against me but now I'm finally getting the time to dive into iOS again (as evidenced by this big Rogue Touch update).

        Probably not much to show off until next year, but it'll be fun times ahead πŸ™‚

    • Far_Out

      THANK YOU!

  • Chris

    Should I buy this? I am a fan of roguelikes but have never actually played Rogue itself!

    • ChronoSoft

      Heh, obviously I'm biased... However if you do enjoy roguelikes, especially with turn-based gameplay and permadeath I bet you'll love Rogue Touch.

      The original Rogue is simpler than many of the more modern roguelikes you may have played so far, but I think that simplicity has been its strength.

      Rogue Touch contains everything found in an original ASCII game of Rogue in a prettier and more accessible way. It also has some minor additions that are not found in Rogue such as:

      1) Special magical weapons (flaming, cold, etc)
      2) Some new types of armor, potions, scrolls, wands, rings
      3) Secret Characters - Using some special names as found in the TouchArcade and ChronoSoft forums you can live it large in the dungeon as somebody way more powerful than "Rodney the Rogue"

      Overall it is a faithful adaptation of Rogue- I've personally played ASCII and Atari ST versions of Rogue since the 1980s πŸ™‚

      • dancingcrane

        Trying to register at ChronoSoft forums. It tells me my email and password are inactive, and to contact site administrator. Help, please?

      • ChronoSoft

        Hi dancingcrane, we've been getting assaulted by spam registrations at the rate of about 1 per minute for the last couple weeks so I have to manually find and approve your account.

        Can you tell me the username you used when trying to sign up? You can send a PM to me here on the TouchArcade Forums too (I'm CommmanderData).

        Sorry for the hassle, but it's really hard to pick the legit new users out of the 1000+ fake accounts spammers are making daily πŸ™ˆ

    • ZS77

      No-brainer, do it. πŸ˜πŸ‘

  • DotComCTO

    Hey Shaun, any chance you can find out what's up with Firaxis/2K on XCOM, Ace Patrol, Pacific Skies, Pirates & Starships for 64-bit iOS? I've tried to contact them via social media and support, but have never received an actual answer.

  • Ragnar Dragonfyre

    This was one of the earliest games I bought on iOS and it's never left my phone. Time to revisit!

  • SniperPrincess

    Awesome game! Thank you for updating it.

  • dancingcrane

    I thought I left my Rogue-like days behind me, but I can't pass this up. I've been playing for some 35 years, and remember Rogue, which gave us "rogue-like", on the Mac back in '84. Here's to reliving history and extending it into the future. So glad you wanted Rogue to stay on iOS!

  • Drizzt79

    This is such great news! I still play this game ALL THE TIME and was worried I would have to leave it behind. Thanks so much and the new assets look great too πŸ‘

  • triwolf

    How did I overlook this? Instabuy.

  • Discostallion

    As someone who hasn't been gaming on my phone since 2009, the app-ocalypse has been churning up a lot of great games that I missed out on. Many thanks to all the devs putting in the work to save their creations.

    I would love to see a "RPG/Classic re-load guide to the app-ocalypse". I can't afford to buy all the apps that are going out, so getting to hear some of Shaun's top picks would be very helpful.

  • Far_Out

    Very, very nice indeed!

  • http://wizodd.tumblr.com Wizard of Odyssey

    I never would have expected this one! It's great to see another come into the present day with us.