Each week as I'm putting together our weekly Out Now post it's inevitable that there's a handful of titles that we're expecting to launch but don't quite make it in time for that post, which goes up at around 11pm EST on Wednesday nights. That usually means that my Thursdays and Fridays are filled with me constantly checking the App Store to see when those "missing" games actually launch, and for the most part they trickle out by the time the weekend kicks off. We were expecting Shadow Fight 2: Special Edition to launch this week as that was what developer Nekki had originally told us, but unfortunately after refreshing their App Store page for the past two days it looks like it was all for naught as the iOS version has been officially delayed until next week.

Bummer! But these things happen. It's not entirely clear what caused the delay of Shadow Fight 2: Special Edition on iOS, but in a previous tweet Nekki stated that they were "doing our best to bring you SF2SE in a more polished state" so perhaps there was a last minute bug that popped up or some sort of issue getting it through Apple approval. Whatever the case, there is a small silver lining to this, if you're an Android user at least. Shadow Fight 2: Special Edition is available on Google Play today as intended, so if you have an Android device you can check it out there until the iOS version drops (hopefully) next week.

In semi-related news, Shadow Fight 1, which is the Facebook game that started it all, is officially shutting down on September 29th. The game originally launched way back in 2011, and as compensation for those still playing if you log in from today until the game shuts down you'll get 900,000 rubies to spend as you please. We'll let you know just as soon as the iOS version of Shadow Fight 2: Special Edition goes live, and of course there's the highly-anticipated sequel Shadow Fight 3 coming on November 16th as well.

  • bigmonkeynads

    Really..black silhouette fighter sprites..no thanks πŸ€”

    • sakara214ever

      Lol same here. Lots of better similar game out there.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        There really isn't anything else out there like this though. It's the most technical fighting game on the entire platform. The silhouette look is so they can have incredibly smooth animation without having to draw 50 thousand different sprites. It also plays into the lore. Judge it superficially if you must but it's your loss.

      • bigmonkeynads

        Yeh it's unique for this platform I'll give em that, but just not for me I feel there's less effort if you can't draw a sprite it feels a little cheap that's all. Anyway not for me simple ✌🏻

      • http://thalible.com/ Jirayuth Porka

        it might look ugly. but the animation work from Nekki is amazing. no game in mobile have this smooth animation in fighting game ever (you gotta admit even AAA mobile games like injustice still look choppy as hell)

        so like jared said, your loss. you never know if you never try. once i though it look ugly as well. but then i tried and now i'm addicted to it. there are free version avalible for you to try so please do yourself a favor and give the game a chance before being casual kid and judge the game based on graphic.

      • bigmonkeynads

        Ha ok well this "Casual Kid with a "huge ego" and hates "losing arguments"..never said anything about the animations...just mentioned the silhouette style wasn't for me...


      • sakara214ever

        I already tried it there was a free demo pr spmethin that came out recently posted here in TA and it was boring as f&ck. Black everywhere. Unless they changed something after the demo this game is not for me.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        There's no demo, there's a f2p version that's been out for more than 3 years and has over 300 million installs. I'm guessing you didn't bother trying it for very long, this game takes massive amounts of practice and actual skill. It's not something you can grasp playing for 5 seconds. But like I said, judge it superficially at your own detriment. Or I guess play those "Lots of better similar game out there" which would be… what, exactly?

    • Raphael Alexander

      You'd rather tap the screen to punch in a grindy boring game for casuals?

    • Weisse

      Let's be fair, you were never going to buy it in first place even if the sprites were coloured.

  • LordShad0wz

    Unlimited energy? Finally. I'm in.

  • Luzsec

    Premium pleasee..??

  • Luzsec

    Oh yessss its a premium gameee, instantly buy this game.. hopefully there is no iapp too