Dungeons & Dragons players, good news. D&D Beyond, the official digital toolset of the classic game, is now live, so there's nothing stopping you from creating all kinds of crazy characters and starting your next game. This digital toolset uses 5th edition rules and brings along the rules compendium, character builder, interactive digital character sheets, and much more. You can now play with digital versions of every official D&D sourcebook within the compendium, which is a pretty amazing resource. At this moment, you can only access the digital toolset through your browser since the native mobile apps haven't yet launched (they should be coming in the near future). However, I've been using the toolset on my phone browser and it works pretty well.

The future of D&D Beyond includes things like monster and encounter building, digital dice rolling, combat tracking, and more. Additionally, the D&D Beyond team is working with the D&D team at Wizards of the Coast to ensure that the new adventures and rules material coming this fall also make it the digital toolset. This is a pretty great tool, and I can't wait to get to use it more. Head over here and check it out.

  • BGB

    If it works through a phone browser, it shouldn’t be made into an “app” that duplicates a limited subset of the website ‘s functionality. The website can allow you to keep multiple tabs open and doesn’t eat up valuable storage space. But as soon as the app is released, the website will be filled with full screen ads for the inferior “app”.

  • Nickoten

    Didn't mention the price at all. Is this a sponsored article?

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      What an odd conclusion to come to.

  • Morgan Leecy

    Ah sweet memories of 'Keep on the Borderlands' and trying to DM the massive map from the first module of 'Dragonlance'

  • Christopher Miller

    I'm trying to create my character from the campaign I'm in right now. He's a cleric but, when I choose that class, the only domain it will let me choose is Life. Is there something wrong with my computer, is the system not complete, or is there a paywall I'm not seeing to unlock the whole system?

    On a side note, I currently use Fight Club 5th Edition which allows you to upload a date base thus letting you get all possible game functions. Unless there's something I'm missing, I doubt I'll be using D&D Beyond for the time being.

    • Christopher Miller

      I googled and found my answer: "The only options that are available during beta will be anything that is free content (SRD, Basic Rules ect.)"


      • Marandahir

        Beta is over. This is full launch. The only options that are available without purchase are the SRD/Basic Rules/Elemental Evil Player's Guide content.

        Not a bummer, you just need to pay for content you'd normally need to pay for. This makes sense.

  • Rabiddwarf

    Is there some reason you did not mention tthat any info that is not in the D&D5e SRD is behind a pay window? If I want all the info in the PHB, its $19.99! How about Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide? $29.99! Okay, so I want to make a Oath of Vengeance Paladin? That costs $1.99, want the Knight background, another 1.99, want to know the searing smite spell, ANOTHER $1.99.

    Add to that the issue that Curse decides to no longer support or host this material, all the items I have paid for are lost. I get no offline functionality. I already own all my D&D5E books, why should I have to buy them again and not even get PDFs. The subscription only gives you additional character slots and removes the ads. Just a terrible launch, total money grab, and a TOTAL FAIL, in my opinion.

    • Nickoten

      It's almost like this was important information to mention in the article! Who'da thunk it?

    • Marandahir

      Or how about this? You're part of a D&D group, right? Presumably you own all the books because you actually play the game. So you and your group pool your money and pay for one DM account and all the content the DM is using in the game. Then the DM licenses out that content to your free basic account for free. That's a lot cheaper than purchasing the books over again. As for your Paladin? Are you really wedded to that cup of coffee this morning? I think you probably can afford 6$ if it's your own character and those are the only options you need to play the game.

      And the digital content from the books are cheaper than the $50 books themselves. You're not getting PDFs because you're getting the rules content, not the flavor content and guidance.

      Finally, you've got the books. Why do you need this tool? This tool is operating under no assumption of ownership of the tomes. Just write up the characters yourself if you own the books already. That's what everyone's done since the dawn of the game. This tool is offering something different, and that's why it costs money.

      • Lickzy

        Because everything on teh IntErNetz boX should be free. Duh!

        Sarcasm aside, I'm in full agreement, it's a great interface tool to combine all your books into one. If you don't own them, you can buy them for a fraction of the price and also have other useful additions.

        Personally, I enjoy the fun in someone trying to use a skill or spell that we aren't all familiar with and digging out an old book that break the encounter or spices things up and results in hours of DM punishment.

        As a DM, I own many of the books so I don't feel guilty about obtaining PDF versions. I put them into iBooks and have editable PDFs in a PDF viewer that does all calculations for me. Couple this with a dice roller and some scratch paper you've get everything you need! My dnd backpack has my iPad mini, some pens and paper.

        I think this is a really cool tool for 5th edition players, although I play 3.5 so it won't be as much use for me it will be a great for dms new and old who want a simple interface and to get books dirt cheap.

  • Chris Leathco

    Did you people really expect all the content for free, when the books run close to 50 per book?

    • http://www.linkedin.com/in/merydith Will Merydith

      No but I think it is a reasonable expectation to not have to purchase every book twice. Purchasing the physical book should give you a massively discounted price for the online book. OR just have a subscription model where you get all the digital content for a reasonable monthly fee. It feels like WotC is double dipping.