Vainglory [Free] is one of the biggest games on either app store and home to the most competitive MOBA scene in mobile gaming. Super Evil Megacorp, the makers of Vainglory, just released a brand-new update to the game yesterday. Version 2.7 is headlined by a new hero: Reza. Reza is an assassin who is quite fond of fire, judging by his powers. He sports Scorcher, a fiery shockwave that'll crispify foes in its path and an ultimate power in the form of Netherform Detonator, a nuke of fiery destruction. Supporting his fire-based arsenal is, appropriately enough, the Firestarter heroic perk which allow Reza's basic attacks to do crystal damage after applying Firestarter with his special attacks. You can unlock Reza with ICE for the first seven days and either ICE or glory thereafter.

Version 2.7 also includes new skins for four heroes: Red’ Rona (Legendary), ‘Valkyrie’ Grace (Epic), ‘Dire’ Fortress (Rare), and 'Butterfly’ Celeste (Rare). It also dramatically lowers the purchase cost for talents—a common complaint among the player base—and will refund 100% of the difference to players who purchased them in the past. On top of this there are a number of balance changes and bug fixes. These and more detail on all of the changes can be found here and you can head over to our forums where well over one-hundred pages of comments await you.

  • Dahkoht Lewin

    Any tips on a site that is good for beginner in this game ? Considering giving it a go.

    • nworbled

      As someone who has played this game for what seems like at least a couple years, I'd say the best way to learn is to just play. Also, watch some YouTube videos on strategies and look up some guides to show you different builds for each hero. used to be pretty good at showing different builds. I'm not sure if it still is since I haven't used the site in a long time. Good luck!

    • Adams Immersive

      The in-game tutorial videos are a good start, and bot matches to help understand them. The official VG forums are searchable and useful too.

      PS There's a Touch Arcade guild!

  • Michael Graham Jr

    just play and look at others builds and try for yourself thats what i do