One of my most anticipated upcoming iOS releases of 2017 is Tower Fortress, and I'm sure this sentiment is shared by many members of the iOS community on our forums if the fervour on the game's forum thread is anything to go by. Unsurprisingly, Tower Fortress was quickly taken under the wing of pixel art standard-bearers Nitrome, and ever since the announcement of the publisher revamping the game's visuals, we've been in the dark as to when Tower Fortress would finally make its debut on the App Store. Sadly, I have no breaking news to bring to you in that regard, however the developer Keybol has today announced a brand new game to tide us over until Tower Fortress's hopefully imminent launch. Enter Overtake King - as the name suggests, Overtake King is all about weaving your way through traffic as a death-defying motorcyclist, and is aiming to provide a novel arcade time-wasting experience when it launches on August 3rd.

With its isometric perspective and simplistic graphical style, Overtake King reminds me of the risky driving of Burnout or Need for Speed merged with the mobile sensibilities of something such as Cubed Rally Racer [$0.99]. However, one element from the gameplay trailer is particularly strange - it appears that the cars you must avoid are actually reversing, potentially explaining why your motorcycling protagonist is so determined on overtaking as many vehicles as possible. Perhaps they're stationary and my eyes are playing tricks on me, or maybe the name 'Oncoming Traffic King' was a bit too wordy for the developer, but it's an amusing observation nonetheless. At the very least, the existence of Overtake King likely means that Tower Fortress is close to being completed, which is a consolation for missing its initial release date on my birthday in March. For more details on the game, drive with reckless abandon down to our forum thread for additional information on Overtake King.

  • repapermunky

    The cars appearing to go backwards? That's how video games work Rob.

    • Rob Funnell

      The cars you're driving towards are accelerating backwards/in the opposite direction that they are facing, ie reversing. How video games work in this regard is either you're swerving against oncoming traffic, or you're attempting to overtake cars driving in the same direction as you, as the name of the game implies. Otherwise they're stationary, but it doesn't look like it in the video (nor make for a particularly exciting video game concept but whatever)