RuneScape is a game that needs no introduction - ever since it redefined the Massively Multiplayer Online RPG genre upon its release in 2001, Jagex's fantasy opus has captivated an entire generation with its immersive yet accessible adventure action. Over the past few days, the developers have been teasing a major announcement for the now sixteen year old title, and today it has finally been revealed that an optimised mobile client for the current RuneScape, as well as the Old School retro alternative, will both be available for iOS and Android devices in 2018 and Winter 2017 respectively. Best of all, the mobile iterations of RuneScape will support cross-platform play, so you'll be able to take your battle-worn protagonist from the PC games with you seamlessly on the go.

The significance of RuneScape's debut on mobile devices is huge, and while such a major name making the transition to the App Store is surprising, it's also something that makes a lot of sense. RuneScape's free-to-play monetisation and its frequent updates in many ways served as a model for the development of the App Store's ecosystem, and it'll fit in quite nicely even amongst its far younger peers on iOS. However, having a major desktop MMO incorporate cross-platform play for mobile devices is unprecedented, and will hopefully underline the benefits of such support to other developers behind games in the genre, as well as introducing a new generation of gamers to a beloved classic. While there may be question marks over how well the mobile clients are adapted to support the unique qualities of the modern-day smartphone, this is certainly a promising start to what could be a defining release for the App Store as a serious gaming platform. If you're interested in signing up for the beta testing phases for both games, be sure to visit Jagex's RuneScape Mobile and Old School RuneScape website pages to register your interest today.

  • Simon Taverner

    What's a RuneScape?

    • sakara214ever

      Lol i wanted to ask the same thing...

  • jas1965

    Phone selector is broken and you currently can't specify iPhone model. 🙁

    • Kwadius

      I used safari and it worked there.

    • Nick

      Was a tad slow for me to register for the Beta when this announcement first hit hours ago. Probably because of all the RuneScape Players signing up ASAP. I'd assume it works now.

  • Slate

    I for one am very excited. I have always thought this would work well on mobile. I know a lot of people are quick to judge this game but for me it has always been fun to play.

    • Milotorou

      Same here

  • saansilt

    I might just get back in now.

  • luigim64

    And like that the mobile MMO craze was settled

  • Wizard of Odyssey

    It's funny to think this funny old thing "could be a defining release for the App Store as a serious gaming platform." I'll go back and give it another try, but my first impression of Runescape on my PC is not favorable. It's tired and janky and makes Order and Chaos look original and fresh.

    • Rob Funnell

      It's had a lot of updates over the years that have helped modernise it, but I generally agree that it is pretty dated, and I've never personally been a fan of the game. However, cross platform play with a huge MMO that millions are still involved with (including friends I know who never touch games) is H U G E

    • fearlesskk

      Order and chaos is NOTHING compared to runescape. I dont know if you tried rs3 or oldschool but if you never played runescape you should probably hop on RS3. Once you get hooked you never go back

  • MintCity

    This is seriously a childhood dream of mine...Runescape in my pocket?! *dusts off old RS account* Time to get back into the game and drown in nostalgia! 🙂

  • Mr_ C_

    Run! escape!

  • Mac Miller
  • jForsythe

    What’s the difference between old school rs, and mobile rs.?