We learned back in May that Austrian developer Mipumi Games was bringing their hit narrative adventure The Lion's Song to mobile sometime in July, and then about two weeks ago we learned that the specific release date would be July 13th. And then I woke up today and looked at the calendar and it said July 13th, and sure enough those rascals at Mipumi weren't lying, as The Lion's Song [$4.99] is now available in the App Store. This four episode adventure takes place in early 20th century Austria and follows the story of four characters who work in the arts and science fields and the struggles that go along with it. Each episode focuses on one of the characters, with this newly-released fourth episode tying them altogether and wrapping up the whole story. Here's a brand new The Lion's Song launch trailer.

The first episode of The Lion's Song launched on Steam about a year ago, with two more episodes following in the time since, and today's launch of the appropriately titled Episode 4 - Closure marks the end of this particular journey. Since Mipumi waited for the game to be complete with all episodes before launching on mobile, it's not being sold episodically on the App Store as it has been on Steam, and instead is being offered as one single purchase that includes all episodes for the crazy low price of $4.99. Given all the praise this series has seen on other platforms I'd definitely consider checking The Lion's Song out on your iOS device if you're into adventure games, and be sure to see what others are saying about it in our forums too.

  • lva

    playit now . so quiet the game

  • rezn

    Looks brilliant. Bought it soon as I saw the gorgeous trailer.

  • http://www.bloodirony.com Michael Hartinger

    This is a heartwarming story, excellently drawn and presented. Enjoy it with headphones on the biggest device you have. Also notable, it runs perfectly smooth on older devices. Kudos, kudos, kudos