The Post-Apocalyptic The Sun has been in development for quite a bit, with the developers occasionally updating the thread in our Upcoming Games forums with new short clips. Today, The Sun got its first official trailer, and it looks promising. As you can see below, the game takes place in a ravaged land that reminds me a bit of Fallout. This is 2050, and the sun's radiation has ravaged the planet with only small bands of people surviving hidden in bunkers. The surface, as you would expect, turned into a massive wasteland.

There are those who've returned back to the surface to restore agriculture, create new laws and societies, and you are one of those born in one of those societies. You will be crossing the world finding all kinds of guns to shoot and people to talk to (and then maybe still shoot). I don't know if The Sun will reach Radiation Island quality, but it look like it could be good. Keep checking our forum thread for more on The Sun.

  • boydstr

    This is the first time that I heard of this game looks indeed like the great "Fallout" game I hope that this is premium.

    • Tasos Lazarides

      It is going to be premium

      • boydstr

        Thanks for the info there's already more than enough FTP c••p.

  • Stetch

    Gonna keep both eyes on this one

  • Raphael Alexander

    Probably one of those games that looks good but has bad controls and gameplay.

    • Игорь Мигун

      In this game, management is completely redone. You can customize it for yourself as you will be comfortable.

  • eufeion

    Hope it supports MFI

  • ImJPaul

    Controls are especially important with this one. Hope they do it right!

  • Akantor

    Looks fun. Haven't seen a good premium fps in a while so I'll be looking forward to the release.