Late last month we checked out the trailer for upcoming top-down roguelike endless dungeon crawler The Scrungeon Depths from developer Chase Holton, who has previously brought us other top-down wonders like Gwarmbee [Free] and Flamboygen [$1.99]. The Scrungeon Depths looked really cool a month ago, but it's actually made quite a few strides in the short time since that last trailer, and the game is even at the point where the developer is looking to recruit some beta testers to put the game through its paces. There's also a brand new trailer for The Scrungeon Depths showing where it's at so far.

If you're interested in taking The Scrungeon Depths for an early spin as part of its beta testing period, you can find all the information you need for both iOS and Android by clicking the link in this beta testing thread in our forums. I'm kind of a sucker for top-down dungeon crawlers of any kind, but especially the endless and roguelike variety, so I'll be very interested in getting my hands on The Scrungeon Depths once it's finished off its beta testing and gets released in the App Store hopefully in the near future.

  • kreylix

    This looks pretty cool! Reminds me of Realm of the Mad Gods. But single-player and not as frenetic.