If you like cats, you're going to probably enjoy the just-released Castle Cats [Free], an idle-management game filled with cute cats. If you don't like cats, then what's wrong with you? Okay, maybe you're a dog person (traitor). Castle Cats has you managing your cat-filled castle and trying to upgrade your cats in order to fight the evil Pugomancer (that probably slobbers all over you). You have dozens of unique cats to collect and upgrade, and each has their own skills and traits.

The game comes with over 100 story quests, and it looks like it's a fun game according to the beta testers in our forums. There's also an RPG-like combat system that should bring variety to the gameplay. If you're looking for another management game and like cats, check out Castle Cats.

  • sweiss

    Hate all these cat games

    • Stormourner of the Nature


  • Nico&Smokey

    Love the cat games, so I am trying the game out 🙂 I am both a cat and dog person. I own both a cat and a dog.

  • Tyra

    Had the chance to beta-test. Really really love these cats!!! 😀