A ton of our forum users are anxiously waiting for Exiles of Embermark to release, but, unfortunately, no news on that front yet. However, Bound, the app the Exiles will use for its narrative, has soft-launched in the US and Canada, and even though the Exiles material isn't released yet, it does come with exclusive content from Neal Stephenson, a bona fide sci-fi legend. If you haven't read our earlier story on Bound, it's a storytelling app that combines serialized prose, art and audio, as well as community features from some great sci-fi, fantasy, and thriller writers.

The developers of Bound are hoping the app will offer mobile users a new way to experience and interact with stories, and the Exiles' developers are hoping that this app will satiate those players looking for more narrative depth in Exiles of Embermark. And if you decide to check out the app, you can download the first two episodes of Stephenson's The D.O.D.O Files for free, with the rest coming on a weekly basis.

  • Stephen

    After the disaster that was CLANG, I really cannot get excited or support anything from Neal Stephenson.

    • jin choung

      always wondered if ubisoft kinda ripped him off and incorporated some of his idea for "for honor"... sure, not the vr kinda sim that stephenson was going after but still....