If you enjoy minimalist puzzle games on your phone, you'll probably enjoy Cubiques, an upcoming puzzle game that has you playing a little red cube that has to visit all the tiles in each of the levels. While it starts out with pretty simply levels, more tile types are introduced in later levels, which change the mechanics and raise the challenge level. The game has 60 levels, so plenty of challenge for those who enjoy these kinds of games.

The art style goes for a Monument Valley kind of aesthetic, although it doesn't capture the charm of ustwo's megahit. Cubiques does use Apple's Metal, so it should play pretty smoothly on later devices. The game is coming out June 22nd, and you can visit our forums to talk to the developers if you so wish.


    Oh yes, I love games like this the most, don't know why really but the moment I see it in motion I am sold and glowing with happiness like a kid who got his first chocolate ha ha.