A few weeks ago, the unfortunate news broke that Feral Interactive's port of the classic Codemasters racing title GRID Autosport had been delayed to Autumn. While this was obviously a disappointing move, the developers asserted their commitment to what will be a major 2017 App Store release, and promised that the delay would mean a more polished and better quality title when the Autumn date eventually rolls around. To satiate excited fans of the series, Feral have today released a glimpse of Alpha footage from GRID Autosport, and all I can really say is wow.

Despite still being a few months off, and not showing any features such as modes or controls within the game, the preview of GRID Autosport looks incredibly well done and a testament to how far the App Store has come since its genesis in 2008. The best compliment I can bestow on GRID Autosport is that it looks almost as good as its console counterpart, and without a side-by-side comparison it'd be difficult to tell them apart. The dynamic lighting is stunning, and while Feral stress this is an alpha build of the game, it looks like their porting skills that were so effective for the Rome: Total War [$9.99 (HD)] series are as strong as ever. Apart from the graphical prowess, isn't too much we can discern from the trailer bar the inclusion of tilt controls and a replay feature, so hopefully over the coming weeks more details drop for the iOS version of GRID Autosport as we get closer to its Autumn release date.

  • Chq

    The reflections on the cars look absolutely unrealistic.

    • Duane Locsin

      This is alpha.

      • Chq

        Alpha Centaury?

  • Bloodangel

    Hope there's cockpit/driver view

    • [FERAL] Ellie

      We can get that working for ya.

  • Aaron C


  • Duane Locsin

    Take your time Feral.
    You have earned your reputation as a reliable developer porting console/pc class games on iOS.

    I will snap this up and have the Gamevice ready once it's released.

    Kind of tempted in upgrading my 128GB iPad Pro 12.9 to a 512GB this year.

  • Leo281993

    No cockpit view = No buy

    • [FERAL] Ellie

      There will be cockpit view. So you gotta buy.

  • Stetch

    Sure as hell gonna grab this one

  • chinito77

    Not a fan of F1 but everything else looks great. I hope this game is optimized for the new iPads. Custom BGMs would be a welcomed addition!

  • gonif

    Is this a free-to-play like Asphalt, where you buy rather than earn good cars? I refuse to have to pay a premium to compete on a level playing field (that keeps changing as they "introduce" new imaginary cars to purchase).

    • [FERAL] Ellie

      It's not free-to-play, it's premium. You'll get everything all in one purchase.

  • Max Lavache

    Why not a new one on PC and Next-Gen consoles? Mobile games are worthless.

    • jForsythe

      I believe Feral didn't make grid for the pc or consoles codemasters did so asking the wrong company first up secondly if you hate mobile games why are you here.?
      Not saying this to be mean I'm just curious and would honestly like to know.