With all the concern over the 32-bit app-pocalypse, with apps not updated to 64-bit being purged from the App Store, possibly as soon as this week, some notable developers' titles are set to be purged. Games that are otherwise working fine, but might not work starting in iOS 11. Simogo has at least committed to update their titles to 64-bit, saying in fact that they're working on updating Beat Sneak Bandit [$2.99] and all their titles for 64-bit.

While some of their titles appear set for 64-bit, Year Walk [$3.99] hasn't been touched since 2013, Kosmo Spin [$2.99] definitely gives off a compatibility warning, as does Bumpy Road [$2.99]. Simogo's collection of iOS titles include some absolute gems, and it would be a shame if they disappeared because Apple pulled support for devices that otherwise work completely fine. With iOS 11 likely still a few months away despite the possible announcement soon at WWDC, this does mean that there's time before the 32-bit app-pocalypse happens, so hopefully the updates are hitting really soon.

  • HelperMonkey

    Salute, Simogo!
    Do not go gentle into that... whatever.