The 32-bit Appocalypse truly is nigh. While there were hints that Apple was soon is going to start pulling 32-bit apps in future iOS versions, the final nail in the coffin has been delivered. Users of the iOS 11 beta will now be unable to install 32-bit apps at all, such as the TouchArcade app, which is unable to be updated due to Apple policy changes. At Platforms State of the Union, Apple confirmed that apps are going to 64-bit apps. High Sierra will also be the final macOS version to support 32-bit apps.

I don't know if Apple was saying anything with the Appocalypse video that kicked off the WWDC keynote, but it sure was appropriate, because with all the classic apps that otherwise still work not working any more, it's going to be a sad day once iOS 11 goes into wide release.

Thanks to D3ATHST3P from our Discord server for sharing the image of TA app on iOS 11 with us.

  • ziro2405

    Hi, and why not make an 64Bit App?

    • klink

      Because Apple won't approve it.

      • Shurmano reshulón 🍩

        Why not? TouchArcade is already on the AppStore.

      • cplr

        that's a bullshit excuse.

      • Pfloydrokr21

        You must be new. Welcome to Touch Arcade!

      • watevs

        So are you going to tell us or not veteran touch arcade reader person

      • midgettosschamp

        Apple does not allow apps whose function is to act as App Store curation. Apple would like to be the only source of iOS app curation and marketing, so they are systematically reducing the ways 3rd parties like TA can monetize (don't allow curation apps, reduce referral payouts, etc). This is the iOS app equal to Net Neutrality.

    • lukeee_g

      I agree, even if it's necessary to reduce the functionality of the app. I only access TouchArcade through the app, because it's convenient, fast and easy to use. I believe I would access less TouchArcade without the app, or even stop accessing it at all.

      • jonwilf

        Website doesn't have the info the app does 🙁 watch list doesn't show price drops etc, or display the correct currency. Why can't it be updated?

      • boydstr

        Why shouldn't websites (TA) don't have the info the app does it is very convenient to use it on my iPhone but when that's no more possible than I use the full site.

    • Orest

      Because TouchArcade admins are degenerated people who cry instead of updating the medieval app.

  • Mrwubbs

    Will the app still work as long as I keep it installed?

    • D3ATHST3P

      No. When you try to launch it a message pops up saying “This app needs to be updated”. The only options is to click “ok” or “learn more”

      • exskypixy be clear, TA app will work w/current features intact IF I DO NOT update to iOs 11 AND KEEP IOS 10??? Please reply. Thank you!

      • D3ATHST3P

        Yes if you don’t update, the application will continue to work perfectly fine. However they will soon remove all 32 bit applications for from the AppStore so make sure you don’t delete it.

    • korossyl

      It'll keep working if you don't update.

      • exskypixy be clear, TA app will work w/current features intact IF I DO NOT update to iOs 11 AND KEEP IOS 10??? Please reply.

  • Ron

    I'll probably be waiting as long as possible to update my phones OS. Nothing in 11 seems worth losing 32 bit apps completely.

    • curtisrshideler

      Agreed. Once I have to update, I'll be accessing TA way less. And that'll be a sad day.

      • korossyl

        The TA app is the least of my worries! A significant portion of my small and greatly beloved games library is 32-bit. There's not a way I'm going to sacrifice those!

    • Modjular

      Same. I guess I'll just keep hitting "remind me later" when the update prompt shows...

    • boydstr

      Apple knows that they win this in the end because the overall functionality will be diminished when not updating your phone.📱-🍏=🐢

      • klink

        Plus security updates are bundled into iOS updates.

  • akridge

    Be cool to know why they won't accept.
    What's the issue?

  • klink

    When I install iOS 11 I'll have a moment of silence for our fallen apps.

    • darkfyra

      For me it will be FFTactics and Lunar

      • nkx

        They might update those 2

      • Milotorou

        Pretty sure they will.

        Anything "Final Fantasy" is here to stay, im 100% sure.

      • Andrew Geczy

        Like Chaos RIngs? Same developer

      • darkfyra

        Lunar could be but Tactics still waiting

  • RinoaHeartily

    On the worst case we can still use the web site version. Nothing is lost. 😝

  • seanvstherobots

    I love using the TA app. I'm going to really miss it..

    • nkx

      Same here one of my fav apps to open on a break

  • vectorarchitekt

    Come on Fireflame Games, get moving on that update!

    • BohemianCoast

      This is the one that will stop me from updating, though I'm using the TA app right now.

  • nkx

    I feel like all these restrictions will force people on to Android. Android will continue to support old 32 man games

    • RinoaHeartily

      That's akin to chopping off the nose to spite the face 😂😂😂😂

      • nkx

        Lol - I know dramatic

      • Onikage725

        Not really. Proud owner of non-phone iOS devices, and android phones. I consider trading from the Note series to the iPhone Plus line, and couldn't follow through. Android does cool things like allow default app selection without needing to flash root access privileges, and not break 75% of its App Store with every update. Only about 50% :p

      • tinkie277

        But the games run like dog shit in comparison....

  • noteatino

    I know TouchArcade wouldn't be updated for the change on the policy of the AppStore. But, how difficult is for developers to add 64-bit support?

    • Finandir

      It really depends on the app. Some apps are trivial to update. Others can require months of work. Still others, that depend on libraries of code created by other people, can effectively require a rewrite if those libraries aren't updated.

  • Milotorou

    My iPhone is still on iOS 9 (iPad is latest version though) and im gonna keep it that way....

    Not only do I want to keep my Controllers for All and Activator now ill want to keep my apps 😔

    Ill wait till my favorite 32 bits apps get updated before getting the iPad to iOS 11

    • nkx

      Good luck on that happening. I'm sad with the games that are off the App Store but still work not working anymore

      • Milotorou

        I can feel ya buddy 😔

  • Edmilan

    I guess this is goodbye TA app.

    • nkx

      I'm just going to bookmark the touch arcade page in my favourite to at least get my TA fix

  • iosuser

    I hope TA is able to come up with a solution as I use the app everyday but less likely to visit the website as often.

    • brianj22

      I think whatever they would have to do like, literally anything would be better than giving up and letting the app die but, I don't really know the situation.

      • wingnut22

        It's been said a thousand times. They can't update because Apple changed a policy and no longer allows apps like toucharcade. If they submitted an update to Apple, it would be denied. Sad that Apple craps on them given all they have done to promote games from the early days.

  • Jeremy Price

    Is there a list somewhere of apps and games that are still 32 bit. Im wondering if some i use regularly will be nonfunctional

    • IanTH

      If you are on the most current iOS version, your device regularly tells you that "this app might slow down your device" if it's 32-bit. You should see that now and again if you launch the TOuch Arcade app, for example.

    • CarlRJ

      On iOS 10.3.2, go into Settings > General > About > Applications. You'll get a list of all the 32bit apps on your iPhone/iPad.

      • tinkie277

        Oh my god, X-Com is in there!!! And Star Command!

  • LousyHero

    The irony here is apple is going to lose money. At least from me. Seeing a game i was interested in, yet slightly hesitant about price drop on the touch arcade app almost always got me to buy.

    Guess ill save some money though. Rip TA app, I never failed to install you.

    • curtisrshideler

      Same here. 🙁

  • RinoaHeartily

    I see this as an opportunity for dev to contribute back to society. Just say they have no intention to upgrade to 64 bits and when iOS 11 is out I do hope they make all the games free! At least those people who are still in older devices or unwilling to upgrade can play the games. Maybe a little change to add in ad revenue. Win win for all. Remember it's  who screwed you not the consumers.

  • chuckfinley

    For current app users, you can create an "app" link on your phone that takes you right to the website.

    Go to site in safari. Scroll to top of the page so bottom tool bar shows. Click the icon that looks like box w arrow on top. Select "add to home page". Voila!

    If I knew how to had screenshots to this post from my phone, I'd illustrate step by step.

    I feel TA's pain but please create demo video for all users to see

    • RinoaHeartily

      I think everyone knows how to add to home screen. And the fastest way is this go to touch arcade website and on the middle bottom icon tap on it and click add to home screen!

  • Aaron C

    To the TA guys: It may be worth trying a 64bit rebuild and seeing if it gets approved. There are other apps in the store which are being approved which technically violate the same guideline (I believe the issue is that the app links to other apps to buy?) The gamevice app does this too as well as a couple of others and they've not had problems 🙂

    • curtisrshideler

      Gamevice did you say? Well, I might have to check that out!

      • Aaron C

        I think the app is called Gamevice live.. it's basically a list of all controller supported games arranged in a store like format. If that can make it through then I'm sure TA can too!

  • vic_viper_001

    To quote the infamous Apple Defense, "It's because Apple never looks back, It only moves forward".

    It's just gonna happen again when 128 bit support becomes a thing.

  • nkx

    A TA developer update this app lol

  • burningzenithx

    I'm due for hardware updates so I'll keep my iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 for my 32 bit games and will get 2017's iPhone and the new iPad Pro 10.5 inch.

    By the way for any who loved Playdek's iOS boardgame ports (from back when they still cared about doing boardgames), most are 32 bit. So expect to lose those unless you plan to not update, or do like me and get new hardware while keeping the old.

    • eatthis

      Same, I really thought I was out of options but you reminded me I'm way past due for a hw upgrade as well! I'll be keeping my iPhone 5 at iOS 10 so I can get my daily TA fix and appshopper social updates! [IDEA] what if the app were updated to act as an aggregator of the TA site and linked to it instead of the app store then the site linked to the app store? Donald Loopwall?

  • RinoaHeartily

    Is the patreon thing that got this newer app rejected by ? I know for sure if payment is made anything not via  pay will get them rejected.

  • Luke Goodall

    "Apple was saying anything with the Appocalypse video that kicked off the WWDC keynote, but it sure was appropriate"

    Actually I was thinking of the 32-bit app flush the whole time that video played and since it was a choice made by Apple, it seemed innapropriate. By the end of it I figured "oh well" because it was made as for dev-service, but as far as the 32-bit app-pocalypse and having all of those apps vanish from devices in the video, it almost seemed intentionally mocking at first.

    • skylined87

      I kinda got that vibe as well. Like a big slap in the face. I mean, what if (yeah I know it won't) all those disasters actually happened bc of the appageddon? Do they really want to risk that?

  • nickchia

    Starting to loss faith and interest in apple games. A lot of my great games was wipe out after iOS games update . Means all my money wash down the drain. I understand market got shelf life to make profit. But it is killing all the great games. Especially my Chaos Rings , Chaos Rings Omega and Chaos Rings 2.

    • Michal Hochmajer

      Man, I've installed Chaos rings on my ol' android phone, just to play it again last week. No luck.
      It should probably work, but they had some software check protection back in the days, so only japanese hieroglyphs appeared then app closed itself....boooo :)))

  • postalRage

    If I accidentally update to 11 is there any easy way downgrade?

  • iamveira

    Can't we all go on twitter and @Apple with #ToucharcadeApp I'm sure there's enough of us who can appeal to get it updated and back on the store

  • Enker

    Everyone bookmark touch arcade online right now

  • Enker

    Is there an android version of this app? Maybe it's time I switched phones.

    • Onikage725

      If you're getting tired of the pushy nature of the updates, that's not a bad idea. Apple is risking losing me simply with how they force-download update files and prompt me every time I unlock my screen. And the way each update breaks a large portion of my apps, and there's always a handful that aren't being updated. 11 looks like it is going to outright kill a large selection of my library. Android updates never try to force me to upgrade, and the apps that break are like a small notable handful.

  • SephiTrax

    I must have missed something. What do you mean you can't update? How come Appel won't approve?

  • crazychimp

    I think people need to give the developers a chance. I'm sure a lot of apps won't updated. However many are probably waiting for iOS 11 beta to become available. This will allow them to test their apps for 64 bit and iOS 11 at the same time. Testing takes time and money why do it twice.

  • Player789

    Anti-gaming stance! I am extremely disappointed by this. I have spent a fortune on ios games but wont be doing this going forward knowing that Apple can just kill them like this. Xcom I will miss you.

    • JosephWelke

      XCOM was just updated for Android a couple months ago, so there's still an excellent chance it'll be updated for iOS.

  • Herman van Boeijen

    Looking at the new app store mockups, I just hope they'll be flatout hiring the full toucharcade team to work inside of the app store, as the Games / Apps split indicates that Apple, finally, might be taking games serious.

  • JammaTal

    time to turn my back on apple.
    this self acclaimed "highest tech company" was unable to fix GameCenter.
    embarrassing, but well, they simply cut it off! kind of special high tech apple "solution".
    now the point is reached when i can't stand apple's arrogance, customer ignorance and special hostility against gamers any longer.

  • Player789

    Is there a way to tell if you are buying a 32bit app?

  • Mrwubbs

    Wow this is terrible. The ta app is my favorite app ever. I check it constantly. Hopefully they'll be a jailbreak app that lets you still use 32 bit apps.

  • conscript

    10 of my apps (of which, 4 are my top used) and 6 of my daughter's will no longer work in the phone. I'm a little afraid to look at my iPad as that is where I do most of my gaming. Glad I got a switch and am sticking to physical media on the games. I us the TA app everyday and am a supporter. I will try the website, but the app will be missed. It's asinine that Apple would hobble an app that helps you to buy from their Eco-system.

  • Joe Burkett

    All I can say they approved The Binding of Issac, So why cant apple change their mind on the Toucharcade app? what is in the program that is not allowed? and can it be changed. If you have to take out the direct links to the app store in it so be it but the articles and stuff should stay... their has to be something that can done.

  • Marshall618

    Side note: why does the TA app only have a 3.5 star rating on the App Store?

    • burningzenithx

      Because people that don't understand that the app can't be updated due to Apple's policies rate it poorly while those that love the app and understand why it can't be updated rate it highly.

  • GiHubb

    This is horrible. I use both the TouchArcade app and the original AppShopper app daily!

  • taiga97

    This is such bs though.....

  • korossyl

    This may be a stupid question... is there a chance that 32-but support could be reinstated through some jailbreak workaround? Like... is 32-bit support a matter of Apple flipping a switch in iOS 11 that hackers could then just flip back?

  • Ben Mudrow

    How much more money do think it will cost company's to start developing apps in 64 vs 32 bits?

  • Kerems

    if all apps will 64 bit in future i can't install any apps on my iphone 5 right?

  • runesnatcher

    So that's it!? App is dead? Can't we do *something*?

  • Spudboy

    Would it be a good idea to develop apps in 128-bit, for when Apple kills off all the 64-bit apps?

  • AdamBoy64

    Wow, it's a big step eliminating 32-bit app support on iOS.
    But wow, phasing it out on macOS as well.. that's huge.

  • tinkie277

    Why don't they charge say £2.99 for the app with an annual £2.99 fee? I would pay it...

    • tinkie277

      Then take out the necessary parts, so we can still get the game news etc....

  • exskypixy

    Seems obvious, to me at least, Apple is only interested in the almighty $$. Trying, and perhaps, succeeding to get rid of smaller & indie developers. Those who actually make superior apps to the "big developers" that make money for Apple. Seriously....considering Android. Apple has lost Steve Jobs' vision. In my opinion. Or, they have become much more transparent in showing their greed. It's a sad, sad time. 🙁

  • Eli Hodapp

    It needs to be rebuilt from the ground up, we don't have the resources for that.

    • Ubu

      I know the Touch Arcade app has a lot of fans -- some of them posting above -- and you've discussed why it's not feasible for you to update it these days.

      Given the coming App-ocalypse...any possibility of your crowdfunding (Kickstarter or the like) a Touch Arcade app update? That way you could see whether it's "worth it" to your readership...and if we're sufficiently interested perhaps we'd make it worth your while? I think you might be able to raise more money than you'd suppose?

      Just a thought...

  • Space Chief (Iron Sharp)

    Lame. And typical Apple.
    Games such as the Miku Flick 2, Zombie Panic, Deathsmiles, Ama-Hina and others, probably about $200 worth in games and DLC, will be gone forever, at least for me.

    Those of course who jailbreak and pirate, won't have to worry because even if these games are lost, on newer IOS, they never paid for them and so lost any money.

  • Tauri717

    When I first saw that iOS 11 will no longer support 32-bit apps anymore, the first thing that came to mind was you guys, TouchArcade. I've been using this app for about a year now. I love every part of it. Every day I open the app to see what's new and hot. The App Store is a great place to download apps(the only place you can go) but trying to sort through everything that comes up is a nightmare and daunting task. TouchArcade, for me a lest, makes searching for games really super easy and fun. I'm always looking forward to the weekly "Out this week" article. I end up downloading a few of them and loving them. I don't want this service to disappear for good. I know that the app might not be updated to 64-bit because of the App Store policies, but I don't think that should matter. I'm gonna have to download this app to my iPad just to keep you guys around(unless something wonderful happens) My iPad is stuck on iOS 9, so it will be fine with the TouchArcade app. Thank you guys for being you and being awesome. Thank you for making the search for games not such a daunting task. I don't know how I can help keep TouchArcade up and running, but whatever happens please keep being awesome:)

  • Player789

    What about something like CheapCharts which keeps getting updated?

  • Orest

    Im here since 2009.
    Stop crying and just update your app finally. Who cares about little stuff? News and Forums are enough. What a drama. My fuckin' God.