We want to give a shoutout to the fine folks over at Blindflug Studios. You may remember them from First Strike [$3.99], an interesting game about building up a nuclear arsenal as one of the myriad global powers. Playing as the US is basically easy mode, North Korea is expert mode. It's a game that's picked up in relevance given the way the world order has been shaken up in the past couple of years. While the studio has been busy with interesting games like Cloud Chasers [$3.99] (an interesting roguelike-inspired game worth checking out) and the upcoming Airheart, they're revisiting First Strike on PC and Mac with First Strike: Final Hour.

While First Strike saw several updates on mobile, the PC version throws a few new interesting ideas in there. Each nuclear superpower has more superweapons, based loosely on their actual atomic resources. Fans suggested that they wanted alliances, and now you can create non-attack treaties with other nations. Capitals have to be secured to get Superweapons, but allow you to research and use two Superweapons in battle, speeding up the game. There's additional localization, improved graphics, a deluxe edition with bonuses for fans, and mid-battle saving and reloading. Blindflug isn't saying if this is coming to mobile yet, but this might be worth checking out regardless since First Strike is such a unique game, and really interesting in the current geopolitical climate. But I hope that the PC audience takes to this one despite it being a mobile game first.

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