We are definitely living in the golden age of board game and card game digital ports, and today we got another popular one, Jaipur [$2.99]. Jaipur is a fast-paced two-player card game that's all about becoming the most powerful trader in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. As you can imagine, the game has you taking and selling the right cards at the right time and is a blend of—as the designer puts it—tactics, risk, and luck. The digital version of the game adds a tutorial for those who've never played the game as well as a mobile-exclusive campaign mode.

In addition to the new campaign mode, the mobile app adds hotseat and online multiplayer and new game modes, all of which should make Jaipur a fun one to have on your device. The game is out on both iOS and Android and is $2.99 for a limited price.

  • yachris

    "is $2.99 for a limited price."? Maybe "limited time"?

  • gauthieryannick

    The quality of this port does not give justice to the board game. There are some visual and sound glitches accross the board, and the visual style tends to steer away from the original.

    They could have made something waynbetter, considering the long development time. Still, it's Jaipur; but if you can but the hand on the game box and a friend to play with, it will be an incredibly better experience than this port.